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Dan's Summer Transfer Thread. Aka: " Post Mortem Time""

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Well now we know and up to those who run the club to make the most of it. Hopefully Spence will sieze future chances with both hands as I do see a player in him and glad he is still here.

Decent window some new players to look forward to seeing and I see Boro taking the Brentford route moving ahead.

Glad it is all over now as I have been saddened at some of the content which was posted, made catch up reading a painful thing to do.


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Offer has been accepted bauser has had his critics but he has pulled masterstrokes on both of these.  Now over to you Leo!  Payero small issues look sorted should be an announcement tomorrow or f

Not been keeping up but Sporar should be sorted by Tuesday 

Gibson doing a Gibson. Having another punt, pushing for Bolasie, this Argentinian and money available for a couple more. (Not a lot though) Spence going for £5m

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I’d like to see us set up like Chelsea do tbf. Definitely stronger with 3 at the back and the 2 behind the striker can play through the middle or out wide giving us plenty of options. 

                 Tav.          Crooks 

                    Sporar/ uche


     Hernandez                           Jones 

                      Sporar/ uche 


can easily go into 532 with that formation aswell and get both uche and Sporar on the pitch at the same time 


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       McNair.     Hall.     Fry 

djickstell.              Howson.    Bola


                 Crooks.      Tav 

                       Sporar/ uche 

or with Jones and Hernandez but more width. 

cpuld even play them 2 instead of djicksteel and bola 

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51 minutes ago, Smokedsalmon said:


Something like this must be our strongest team now? Just need a LB/CB cover like Bryan in on a free.

All we need is for them to stop playing low percentage balls into the channels and play through that midfield pairing and we might start to look like a team. Lots of ifs and maybes, but cause for optimism.

Yes it’s looking pretty good I think. There’s also Spence still here. 

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Will be interesting to see who NW pairs with Howson against Coventry. 

Strange that Malley didn't get loaned out, he's not had great loans so far. 

Maybe him not getting a loan is why we didn't bring in the likes of McGrath? 

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32 minutes ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

Well i'm glad I didn't bother checking this thread after finishing work and instead had a nice takeaway with my wife watching films and periodically checking the Boro twitter account. What an absolute *** shitshow it became.

That said, got to be one of our best transfer windows in recent history, no? Really excited to see what Sporar and Lea-Siliki can do, happy we got rid of Morsy (seriously lads he's gash, League 1 is probably his level.)

If we don't at least make the playoffs with this squad, something is seriously wrong.

Yeah, I gave up on the Forum for the last few hours last night, Trawling through page after page of childish bickering- Nah.

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5 minutes ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

Normally it's me involved!

The important  question is… what type of take away did you have? 

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I’m really happy with that window. It’s refreshing to go and sign players who could have a little bit of the wow factor again. It makes a difference from the last few years of the best of British. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the domestic market, but you do tend to be limited with who you can get. 

I’ll be interested to see how Warnock can get a tune out of these players, but for once in a long time, dare I say I’m excited? I don’t think we will have enough to get the automatics but the playoffs could be our lucky route up. 

For me, the starting 11 is also difficult to call. Could be 532, 523, 352, 343, 4232, 4141 or 433 comfortably. I think my starting 11 would be this. 



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    • Not sure I agree with that. If it was a race and we were leading Derby until the final lap and then tripped over our own shoelaces, and that that's the only reason they finished ahead of us, obviously it's our fault that we didn't beat them. But if it then turned out that Derby were on performance enhancing drugs they'd have been disqualified even though it was ultimately our own actions that cost us the race. Obviously their massive coordinated cheating of FFP would be the performance enhancing drugs.   Pulis *** up massively to cost us a play-off spot that looked assured, but the only team that was even close to us outside of the top 5 was a Derby side that cheated consistently. Even after our 6 defeats in a row, the team in 8th finished 3 points behind us, the team in 9th was 7 points behind.
    • Jordan had said he'd spoken to people at all ends, I think. Gibson, Morris and the administrator. He seems to count all as either decent people or friends but had stuff to say about Morris' handling of it. He also said knowing Gibson as long as he has, he wouldn't make a fuss about something were there not some justification for it. For me personally, the big thing is looking back at the season in question. Thinking we should be due any kind of compensation for that season is hard. It entirely fits in with the narrative Pulis had after his last game, the whole 'finishing 7th better than 5th the year before'. I have a hard time accepting that finish was anything but our own fault but in fighting this case, we are saying it is in some way Derby's because of their cheating. I don't honestly think there's enough there in sporting terms to suggest they put themselves in a significantly difficult position to best and Pulis was certainly getting paid enough to justify him doing better with the squad we had. But that's just the emotional side of it for me. Reading what Rob Nichols told us and what Jordan has said certainly opens your eyes to how essentially evil the situation remains from a Derby perspective. I still hate Morris for what he's done and I hate the idea they could fight their way out of their situation this season or even look remotely rosy next season. I don't want them to disappear, I'll feel some sense of relief if/when they get bought. But so long as they reach that stage, I'll have them under my own 'intense scrutiny'.
    • Love this from the cameraman, UTB.
    • Interesting... I did hear the Jordan comments but don't fully understand the technicalities of the whole Derby becoming debt-free and returning stronger thing. Was news to me that the £45m thing was *** (I guess Simon may have heard that from Steve himself...?) I just hope it doesn't dissolve into "Boro are trying to kill Derby" and we get piled on... which is the narrative they're clearly desperate to create. We all know what football fans and pundits are like and most people won't read or understand the details. I'm a Boro fan and I still admit to not fully getting some of it. 
    • Check out the love between Crooks & Payero. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

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