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Dan's Summer Transfer Thread. Aka: " Post Mortem Time""

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Offer has been accepted bauser has had his critics but he has pulled masterstrokes on both of these.  Now over to you Leo!  Payero small issues look sorted should be an announcement tomorrow or f

Not been keeping up but Sporar should be sorted by Tuesday 

Gibson doing a Gibson. Having another punt, pushing for Bolasie, this Argentinian and money available for a couple more. (Not a lot though) Spence going for £5m

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3 minutes ago, Mr_Maz said:

didn;t he get sent off agasint us?


he;s a big lad and can play in a number of central positions, so he ticks those boxes

he sure did, he was the one that got sent off for the elbow.

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32 minutes ago, Brunners said:

Do we remember when he went? Do we have any detectives that can work out if Payero happened to be playing games in that time period? 🧐

Jepson was reported as isolating following an overseas scouting trip on 20th April.

Banfield played games on the 6th, 11th and 19th April. Payero only played in the game on the 19th, against Platense.

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15 minutes ago, RichAcklam2404 said:

I’m pretty sure Warnock said the player Jepson went to scout won’t be signing for us as he didn’t impress…

I thought he watched Midtjylland  (on the 15th April) to see striker Sory Kaba, only came on as a sub and failed to impress. Might be wrong, but that was the rumour at the time. 

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“Ronnie (Jepson) and Kev (Blackwell) will be at games this weekend, they won’t be with me. We’ve got to look at as much as we can. Ronnie was abroad the other week, and it was well worthwhile going. We won’t be taking that any further because of what Ronnie saw.”

From Northern Echo 30th April.

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13 hours ago, DurhamRed said:

I hope they haven't failed to make an Aden Flint payment 

Just realised that we've now had 2 managers in two years who both thought it was worth spending 5-6mil on flint. Grim

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6 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

Just realised that we've now had 2 managers in two years who both thought it was worth spending 5-6mil on flint. Grim

Think Warnock got him for £4m of us. And Flint was not great here but did play a big part in Cardiffs good form second half of last season in a back 3.

It did not work for Flint here but I wont criticise club for it as i was one of many fans who for years thought he would be ideal at this level. When we sold Gibson for 15m and got him for £5m I thought it was brilliant business. Time proved me very wrong on flint

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Just now, Brunners said:

26 year old Dylan Bahamboula is the player in question.

Somewhere in the country Neil Maddison has just 💩 himself

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Dan's Summer Transfer Thread. Aka: " Post Mortem Time""
  • Old Codger changed the title to Dan's Summer Transfer Thread. Aka: " Sporar Tomorar?""

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    • I don't think they do have an embarrassment of riches, which I suppose is another point I'm making.  Bournemouth weren't that good this season, they rarely impressed me when I saw them, and didn't impress me much at all against us. Mitrovic has had a fantastic season at this level, but he still might not be good enough for Newcastle, I'm not really sure what argument you're making there?  He scored 3 goals for Fulham in the Premier League last season.  Either side of that he's scored 26 and 40 in the Championship.  All that proves is that he's more than good enough for this level, which is lower than where Newcastle aimed to be when they sold him. I am realistic about incomings, I'm also realistic about our current players.  Howson was the worst of the three midfielders last season, and needs to be replaced in the side.  It shouldn't cost much at all to bring in a better player than him, he's not even our best midfielder let alone one of the top midfielders in the Championship, so replacing him really shouldn't be difficult.  If the club can't replace a bloke that wasn't that good to begin with when we signed him then what chance have they got of improving the rest of the team adequately enough to win promotion?  A GK, a midfielder, two strikers, left sided player.  Those are our priorities, that's where we need to upgrade in my opinion.
    • Poor article that. 10 mill for Spence? Coulson a Teessider? Come on Craig Johns ffs 
    • https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/middlesbrough-loan-exit-round-up-24049100   This article mentions we are releasing Ste Walker this summer. His release is no surprise but dont think club have confirmed his release. Article again mentions figure of above £10m for Spence. Echo saying £20m. Hopefully somewhere in between.
    • Bournemouth didn't spend much last year, probably about the same as we did I think? For some reason they clearly rated other people ahead of the lad.  Nothing wrong with that of course, and it doesn't need to be a reflection of his ability.  My issue would be if he was our sole midfield signing, then we'd be putting a lot of faith in someone who was taken out of the Bournemouth side for whatever reason.  At some point we need to be bringing in players who will replace those we already have otherwise we're just not improving.
    • Bournemouth have an embarrassment of riches. Just because they deem a player to be not good enough for them, it doesn’t mean that we should turn our noses up at them. Mitrovic was deemed not good enough for Newcastle who were struggling at the bottom of the premier league at the time, he went to Fulham and has set a frankly ridiculous scoring record which could stand for decades. We need to be realistic about incomings. I think we all accept that we need to bring in several players, and given how well Jonny played last season is it worth the amount it would cost to bring in a better player? We can’t afford to upgrade every single player in the squad so we need to prioritise imo.

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