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Dan's Summer Transfer Thread. Aka: " Post Mortem Time""

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Offer has been accepted bauser has had his critics but he has pulled masterstrokes on both of these.  Now over to you Leo!  Payero small issues look sorted should be an announcement tomorrow or f

Gibson doing a Gibson. Having another punt, pushing for Bolasie, this Argentinian and money available for a couple more. (Not a lot though) Spence going for £5m

Not been keeping up but Sporar should be sorted by Tuesday 

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1 minute ago, Mr_Maz said:

So the story originates from this site - https://www.voetbalkrant.com/


The story says they are prepared to offer 8.5m, and all the subsequent stories from that article say they've offered 8.5m

I think it's Agents and click bate. Yesterday his club said they hadn't received any official offers 

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Was looking past day or so for updates on Boupendza .. 

All went silent after that bit of noise linking him with us last week, I kinda got my hopes up. I think he is just what we need and if we managed to bring him in after Payero I'd be delighted with our business so far in the window .. 

Guess we will be looking at other options, judging from reports so far. I would have been surprised if he chose us over a PL move or other team in Europe playing Europa League to be fair 🤣

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3 hours ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

Takeaway parmos are generally awful, and obviously really bad for you.

Get a good restaurant parmo though, and you're talking.

The Open Jar in Hartlepool and The Lion Inn up at Blakey Ridge do excellent parmos, IMO.

Didn't the pub on Blakey Ridge burn down recently? 

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32 minutes ago, White Band said:

Didn't the pub on Blakey Ridge burn down recently? 

Thankfully not. There was a fire in the cellar, they were keeping furniture down there as well but luckily it didn't spread to the actual pub.

It's my favourite pub in the world, I love the character and atmosphere (and they've held Cask Marque accreditation for decades!)

Nowhere better for a pint of Old Peculier or XB.

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Dan's Summer Transfer Thread. Aka: " Post Mortem Time""
  • Old Codger changed the title to Dan's Summer Transfer Thread. Aka: " Sporar Tomorar?""

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    • Wasn’t Davies from Liverpool getting mentioned? Could be a good signing 
    • Brad Guzan has let himself go hasn’t he 😲
    • I have to say I am underwhelmed compared to most on here. I will admit I have only seen snippets from his time with Man City when he has played. Clearly my judgement is limited to not a lot of game time. He really did have a mare v Liverpool. He looked everything I felt on Lumley. He was slow reacting to their first goal, made a half hearted attempt from what I remember, the second was absolutely pathetic, and he showed far too much goal at the near post on the third. That save compilation made me giggle, only 2, possibly 3 were really good saves, the rest were routine, nothing out of the ordinary and he even did a Lumley v Posh tackle way out of his box. I am sure he will be an upgrade, but I hoped for better. I hoped for Iversen, but fear Darlow would have been better and I didn’t want him. Positives: Tall Sweeper Keeper Been under Pep International (albeit USA) Loan, so can send back after a year if he is poor or look to buy if he proves himself worthy. upgrade on Lumley in theory   Negatives: Puncher rather than catcher Slow to React from what I’ve seen to date Pep clearly feels he needs a better number 2 I saw that Liverpool game and took the p*** out of my City supporting friend asking him if Steffen was Joe Lumley’s American cousin, he was not amused. I have just had a text from him a few minutes ago that reads: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I suspect I’m in for a torrid time at the pub on Friday 🤦🏻 Lets hope thats where the torrid times end.  
    • Imagine starting that off at Sunderland away 

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