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Dan's Summer Transfer Thread. Aka: " Post Mortem Time""

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Offer has been accepted bauser has had his critics but he has pulled masterstrokes on both of these.  Now over to you Leo!  Payero small issues look sorted should be an announcement tomorrow or f

Not been keeping up but Sporar should be sorted by Tuesday 

Gibson doing a Gibson. Having another punt, pushing for Bolasie, this Argentinian and money available for a couple more. (Not a lot though) Spence going for £5m

Posted Images

Warnock when asked about trying to sign another left-sided defender.

“We are trying really hard. We’ve had a couple of knock-backs at the minute, not knock-backs but we can’t negotiate deals."

“There are a couple of players that we are trying to get in, but we are trying.”

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17 minutes ago, Smokedsalmon said:

There's never any point arguing about information people post here. Best to take it all with a massive pinch of salt and not get too excited/wound up by any of it. I don't think anyone on the board has managed to come out with some genuine insider info this year (correct me if I'm wrong), but it's always fun to see what people have to say.

Aye, thing is, even stuff that gets passed on legitimately won't always be true or at the very least come to pass. Clubs are always trying to root out leaks (or at least control them) and any info might only be true of one moment in time anyway. If someone comes on here and says someone is signing, they might have had their head turned by the time it gets posted on here. I trust a lot of people on here to only pass on something if they believe they've received that information in good faith and not as a wind-up. But as you say, take everything with a pinch of salt, it's all part of the transfer rumour fun!

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You wanna be careful Newy, coming to a new forum with facts an figures, sounding like you might know 'things'. 
How are you ever going to integrate with with a new audience if you dont give them chance to shoot you down at the first chance without a conflicting argument? 🤣

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27 minutes ago, newyddion said:


Just a quick look at our squad last year compared to where we are (apologies for any inaccuracies)

Our two main areas of concern are the need to replace and improve on a striker and a left winger (Warnock has said exactly this in the past few pressers), both Britt and Johnson played their part last season and racked up 66 appearances between them, their replacements are going to have to be solid week in week out men capable of a consistent contribution to the season. I don't see Daniel Sturridge being that player.

(hopefully whoever it ends up being they can contribute more than 10 goals between the pair of them)

the likes of Daniel Sturridge (if we are in for him)  I would have thought, be in the same sort of range as Fletcher and Bolasie looking to improve on the 7-12 appearances and 0-4 goals. If the price is right then it could be a good move for us. nothing to get your undies in a twist over mind as Fletcher, Bolasie, Roberts, Mendez-Laing and Kebano were only here for half a season really. 

Ashley Fletcher - Liam Delap?
Yannick Bolasie - Daniel Sturridge?
Patrick Roberts - A plank of wood with a wig stapled to it?
Nathanial-Mendez Laing - Jason Lokilo?
Neeskens Kebano - Junior Hoilett?


Whoever we bring in, I trust Warnock and the club will bring in improvements on what we had last season.

Five loan spots available and some decent free agents still available. Cool Hand Neil has it under control.. UTB!

arnt fischer browne and akpom still here? 

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Still want to know who this mystery striker was, the one playing in Europe that would have surprised Boro fans .. I'm guessing that one no longer has legs 😊

It won't have been Sturridge. He is likely somewhere abroad and didn't even hear about the rumours linking him with us.. 🤣

Never mind. I am still hoping there is a chance that Boupendza arrives, if it's true he is on our watch list .. I know it's just going off videos and a few comments about him, but watching the highlight reels of his attacking play and goals really excites me and think NW would get a right tune out of him in the side we're building. I know you could make a compilation of any pro footballer and make him look like Messi, but the guys stats in the league he plays in etc prove he has quality. Right sort of age for us too. I would be very happy with his services here. 

I'm being far too optimistic there though. The likes of Newy know that isn't like me .. I had best get back to my negative ways so here we go - 

'It's been a sh1te window bar Payero and we don't even know how good he is going to be. FFS man. Long season ahead! Bet Blackpool smash us three nil later. ***.'


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1 hour ago, mendieta420 said:

Sam Cosgrove looks to be on his way to Shrewsbury. It's barely 6 months since experts on here wanted us to sign him.

Saw him at the end of the 18/19 season when he absolutely ran the show for Aberdeen against Hibs. Big, strong and with an eye for goal. Definitely thought he could do a job for us after that game, 47 goals and 10 assists in just over 100 games? I know it's Scotland, but that's not bad, especially playing for a team outside the Old Firm.

The next season was much the same (for as long as the season lasted). Then came 20/21, he was injured in a pre-season friendly against Hearts, out for four months, went out drinking with team-mates and caught Covid. Whether it was the long layoff due to lockdown, the virus or the knee, he never really hit the heights after he came back. Aberdeen sold him to Birmingham that winter.

Shame, hope he gets back to the player he was. 

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52 minutes ago, TheYorkshireTerrier said:

For those questioning the point of signing Bamba, remember we signed Dimi as a fourth choice goalkeeper and he went on to become a club legend over the next couple season.

IMO there’s no downside to bringing him in. Experienced leader, willing to be a squad player, cheap. What’s not to love?

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27 minutes ago, newyddion said:

Yeah, Peltier has come in to cover for Fisher as it looks like he'll be out for the season, Marcus Browne is another long term injury and there's a big question mark over Ameobi with what sounds like it could be a long term injury. If he was meant to come in to replace Marvin Johnson.. then I think we need to be looking at other options. Chuba Akpom has been told he can leave and it sounds like he's halfway out of the door (as soon as another striker comes in by all accounts) 

The thing with Ameobi is really annoying isn't it. I keep forgetting we've signed him tbh .. I hope we see him sooner than later as we need him available.   

Marcus Browne injured long-term is disappointing too .. he will feel like a new signing (again!) when he gets back playing 🤣. I think the kid is a smart player, NW was getting a tune out of him. Would have defo been an asset and played a big part in this season if he was available, I think. 

I hope Akpom finally moves on soon as we'll know there's a replacement due but sounded like he was gone the other week, yet still here. Transfer windows can get tae f*ck. 

Thought Watmore looked really subdued on Sunday, though it was a game as difficult as their going to come this season tbf to the lad .. I hope he wasn't just a flash in the pan. I had him to get 10-15 for us this season and hope he can still pick up from where he left off last season. 

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4 hours ago, Boro 86 said:

I do chuckle at all the accountants on this site saying we will need not be paying X for this or that player. IF we get the likes of Sturbridge or the lad from Turkey it will be because the chairman has put his hand in his pocket (again)

We know.  And then if/when it goes wrong we will be stuffed for a period of time (again).  You see why people are suggesting we should be careful about what we're spending?

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    • John Ruddy been officially let go by Wolves it seems, I wouldn't be totally against him signing. Was always a Good Championship level keeper for both Wolves and Norwich. I read something regarding George Friend a few pages back the other day and I would be totally all for it, would add some great leadership and the fans would surely be right behind him still and as a left sided centre back I think he could do a real job for us even if just as a back up option. Also heard the Rhodes rumors and I personally believe he is a perfect Wilder Striker, such a hard worker and a great finisher. Which leads me to my final former Boro player, Ben Gibson. I again would love to see him return and think he could flourish in the left sided centre back role for Wilder's system. I do think the best options for those outside centre back roles are more suited to a full back converted/secondary centre back but at Sheff United Wilder didn't always have that option and was still greatly successful. If Fry was to leave Gibson would be great in the middle of the 3 of course.  
    • Very strange move, but apparently it's a three-year contract and for good money. He'll finish is career mid-table in the Championship.
    • Nothing mate. Just a hunch feeling. 
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