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Dan's Summer Transfer Thread

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What do we need now? A goalkeeper and two strikers worthy of the name, and a CB because Hall and Fry have both been missed whenever they've been out.

What will we need by August? Surely that depends how many of the loanees stay or go? If they all stay, I think we've probably got enough bodies and strength in depth without bankrupting ourselves. If players start drifting back to parent clubs, we need to replace them with like-for-like.

On paper, our squad today is stronger than it has been for a couple of years. I do think we could fashion a really good side over the next year, similar to the Karanka-era sides where the starting XI largely picked itself and subs made a real impact, but endlessly chopping and changing playing personnel won't help to build that consistency.

Personally, I'm not a fan of loan signings for that very reason, but I accept they're a necessary evil when we don't have money to pay up front for outright acquisitions.


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The reality is, Evans is not much good on the pitch so the easy thing to do is just not sign him. That solves the terrible PR problem which the club might have.  If he was a 20 goal a season stri

As a criminal barrister can I just add some of my professional thoughts. 1. Firstly not guilty and acquittal means the same thing. If you are acquitted of a crime it means you are not guilty of a

More concerned about the quality than anything the more I think about it.  If this is the calibre of player were looking at, the imagination were going to show, were going to be a longggg way off

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21 hours ago, GrimsbyBoro said:

So what do we need in the summer?

GK x2

LB x1

CB x1

RW x 2

LW x2

10 x2 ????? Or GS CM

CF x 3

assuming Archer, Johnson, NML, Fletcher and Britt leave and the loans go back.

So, basically half a new squad then? 😁

Ambitious...but unlikely. Unless we also sell / let a lot go. 

For the record I'd also love it if we could trade up many of our current squad, but as usual there will be a lot of competition for the best players.

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On 3/8/2021 at 12:28 PM, Dan_Boro_Till_I_Die said:

I feel very honoured that my request for a summer transfer thread has been created and even named after me 😂


Anyway sounds like Coulson is gonna be out the door. 



I thought the thread was named after @DanFromDownSouth 😁

Shame about Coulson. I'm sure he'll find another club and do well. He'll be just another one of those "what ifs?" at Boro. But if you don't figure in the manager's plans, theres not a lot you can do.


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I had high hopes for Coulson, but he hasn't really done it anywhere on the pitch. Not great as a LWB, not great further forward. I don't think anyone knows his best position, which may be because he just doesn't have one, and he's consistently fluffed the opportunities he's been given to impress.

I'd be sad to see him leave, but I doubt he'd be remembered fondly or missed by many.

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2 hours ago, KeithLambsFaxMachine said:

Not once he leaves, he'll be a world-beater and make appearances on every transfer window thread forevermore. 

It's one of the good things about players leaving here, knowing that we'll be talking about them again soon 👍

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12 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

It's one of the good things about players leaving here, knowing that we'll be talking about them again soon 👍

And linked with buying them again soon after that

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Gazette article mentions we wanted to scout a game in Copenhagen, but due to COVID travel restrictions we couldn't. 

Also mentions that the "gem of a player" Warnock mentioned in the January was/is based in South America.

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