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England World Cup Qualifiers

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It’s a Sunday afternoon and a hell of a boring game. I hate mundane pass backs and crossing the back line while opposition trot back in numbers. Why is Harry dropping back when his value is in and around the box. Get a decent attacking midfielder on and create some opportunities, spice it up a bit before I drop off to sleep.  

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Talk about Whataboutery! Everybody in the world owns something that was made in China, the laptop, tablet or phone that you used to access this site or the TV that you watched the England game on will

I doubt if England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy etc. all boycotted the Competition nothing would happen but the truth is that while players are taking the knee thousands have died working in d

You are probably correct Dan. I have calmed down ever so slightly this morning. I am amusing myself with the thought that someone on here complained that England only won 5-0 the other night 😂

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Comfortable 2-0 win in the end, probably should have scored more.

I think Pickford is nailed on to retain the shirt if the nervy moments from Pope are anything to go off, rarely called upon but didn't look confident when he was. Though he's still the first English keeper to not concede in his first 6 games.

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1 hour ago, sanddancer said:

So I referred to being selective, so I’ll ask again, do you own anything manufactured in China? Do you use plastic or palm oil products? Will you boycott the World Cup? 

Talk about Whataboutery! Everybody in the world owns something that was made in China, the laptop, tablet or phone that you used to access this site or the TV that you watched the England game on will all have Chinese components. Do I like it no, and if I can I do avoid Chinese products now but it is literally almost impossible. The NHS are dependant on PPE sourced from China especially masks so should we now suddenly cease using PPE and succumb to Covid? No doubt when we are over the worst of the pandemic the Western world will move away from dependency on China but for now we are desperately dependant so I'm not sure what your point is unless it's that it somehow mitigates slavery?

My Plastic use is reduced as I'm sure it is with a lot of people and my use of Palm Oil products has been minimal to zero for well over a decade well before it became popular and trendy. Can I avoid plastic, of course not, would it be desirable yes. No doubt there is Palm Oil in things I have used that I am unaware of and as for the World Cup the fact that I am reading and responding right now tells you my level of interest in it. I'm sorry to disappoint but I can't fight every battle 100% of the time and no one individual, state or organisation can so I have no idea what point you are trying to make. 

Your stance makes me uncomfortably feel that you are saying that we should just accept everything and do absolutely nothing unless we fight every single battle and right every wrong in the world past and present. Maybe its simpler (or even sinister) and that you just think exploitation of the weak and poor is perfectly acceptable so long as it doesn't affect you? You seem to think it perfectly acceptable that people are dying building Stadia because they are born into poverty and have become virtual modern day slaves and that it is somehow acceptable because people buy Chinese products? 

Me not being interested and boycotting the World Cup will have no effect whatsoever but if all decent football fans made their feelings clear then it could make a difference. If individual Players and their FA's made a stand then it would definitely make a difference. There again I suppose if Kane or Southgate once bought or own something from China then I guess in your mind that would make their protest null and void.



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Anyway...in an attempt to drag the thread back on track, how impressed (or otherwise) was everyone by our win over Albania?

Seemed we were taking it very easy for most of the first half. Very pedestrian - almost like a training match. Wonder if that was anything to do with the long grass...I'm told that slows the ball down and makes it hard to do fast, slick passing.

Must admit I was getting rather worried until Kane scored. We did seem to perk up after that and played more to our capabilities. Thought our goals were well worked, interspersed between long periods of not looking very threatening.

Was also surprised how good Albania were at times. Although Pope wasn't really tested, they certainly caused our defence a few problems. I understand they are generally pretty solid at home and rarely lose by many goals, so wasn't surprised we didn't score more.

England will need to find an extra gear or two against Poland I reckon.


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I didn't realise how many Albanians were playing at the top level, plenty of Serie A and Bundesliga players in their side.

I was happy with the win, they didn't make it easy but it ended up quite comfortable.

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1 hour ago, TeaCider24 said:

That's a huge boost for England's chances on Wednesday.

Indeed...we should only lose 2-1 now instead of 3 or 4-1. 😁

More seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if this ended in a draw.


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14 minutes ago, DanFromDownSouth said:

@BlancoMaybe things aren't that bad for Ireland. Portugal are currently losing to (2022 World Cup winners) Luxembourg.

As it stands they are 2nd in the group with a game in hand! 😂

And Ireland are currently 1-0 up against the World Cup Holders @DanFromDownSouth🤣🤣🤣

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I know Portugal will end up winning comfortably, but I'd absolutely love for Luxembourg to beat them.

Ronaldo embarrassed himself the other day by storming off the pitch and throwing the captain's armband to the floor because his goal wasn't allowed.

Imagine his face if little old Luxembourg beat them, the Luxembourgish goalscorer was born in Portugal too 😂.

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    • Yes I totally agree. He’s already admitted he could have put Fry on but even if he doesn’t we have a forward on the bench and there’s 7 minutes left why not put him on with Forss instead of playing a midfielder out of position.     what a total kick in the balls that result is, feels like a defeat. 
    • hopefully in the next week there's gonna be a few surprises.. I mean, wasn't wilder on about 4 new players?
    • I don't think we're signing a right sided central defender.
    • signed 3 free transfers and 3 loans.. only paid actual cash money for 2 strikers, both of which have been referred to as being 'ones for the future', and combined fee's for both mount to 1/5 of what we've received from Spence & Tavernier. So obviously our main striker is yet to be bought. As far as I can tell so far, we've mainly just been covering the players that have exited the club after last season. So yeah, the club need to pull their finger out. Wilder clearly also wants/needs an LCB that will work with his system. Then if he's decided to play McNair as a CM this season, imo we need an RCB that fits wilders tactics better than Dijksteel. tbh I think McNair should be a great RCB in Wilder's style though, so if he's just covering in CM atm and will go back to RCB, then we need another CM imo, probably a proper out and out defensive one. So I'm gonna say.. 3. 3 actual proper signings, that show a genuine ambition to get promoted - there's £20m still in the kitty just from the money we've made from sales..
    • They only had the chance to lob in the box because we gave it away sloppily. Overall we were brilliant and should’ve been up at least 3 or 4 by then. 

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