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Rotherham vs Boro 1-2 (Saville, Akpom)

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I'm desperate for us to win this, but yeah, a Rotherham win would put them a point behind Derby with 2 games in hand, they could do it. Derby and Sheffield Wednesday both going down would be a be

Genuine guy is Marv. Stand out player in 1st half of the season. Very unlucky to not have been involved more. Loves it at Boro.

Malley has very nice feet. Looks hard to deal with in possession  

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5 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

I know people slate Saville, but 6 goals and 4 assists isn't a bad return for a midfielder.

Could still get more too.

I have him ahead of Morsy every day of the week personally, just for that reason. He’s a goal threat

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2 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

Too be fair it’s two black guys so who can really tell the difference. 

Wow...bad comment..2 black guys???  So they all look a like. Super rasict comment

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    • If distance is all that matters, then hard to beat this one 🙂
    • Can i ask where the sudden love and appreciation for Mendez Gomez has come from on this board? I seen people mention him a fee times in last couple days especially when not being happy at the signing of Michale Smith. Despite fact ones a winger and other is a striker so am not even understanding the comparison  Did anyone even know who Mendez Gomes was until @diggerlad07 mentioned we scouted him? And now he suddenly this up and coming talent in everyones eyes that we must sign? Reminds me last summer when this board had a meltdown at the club for losing out to Brentford for Charlie Goode and we all know how well he did for Brentford.
    • Ah..  the eighties..  when haircuts were weird and so were footballers 🙂
    • Why would we do that when we could sign a donkey in the back end of an average career for a manager who's gone in a year?
    • I don't really equate that Schick goal as being a 'screamer' from distance, though. Same with the Beckham goal from the half-way line. If I'm remembering correctly, Charlie Adam and Xabi Alonso scored similar ones, those goals took skill for sure but I just wouldn't put them in the same 'long-range screamer' category of those where the keeper was actually in a position to try to save the shot. Like those where the player spots the keeper off their line and give it a go and the keeper just tips it over. The first thing that comes to mind to me is what the hell was he doing so far off his line to begin with. Might make a Herculean effort to sprint back and adjust his body to tip it over but was often their own fault for having to do that at all!

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