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Euro 2020 Prediction League

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I'm happy to go with the majority preference, though as a very average predictor I think I'd have more longevity with Option D. Maybe a bit less complex. No predicting scores etc? 

As others have said, since you'll be running it, go with whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Preferences would go:






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The deadline for entrants was Saturday .  Ideally I needed one more for the league to run properly therefore I have decided to add an AI predictor - Paddy Power.  They will compete as a player.  Their predicted score will be the lowest odds offered on correct score market for group stages this score will be taken for all 36 group games on 1st June.  In the event of more than one score with lowest odds a random generator will select the score.   Have begun making spreadsheet and a few other things for the competition.  Will start a new thread later where I will introduce competition format etc.

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