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Euro 2020 Competition Introductory Thread

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EDIT - Welcome to the Euro 2020 Predictions Competition.  

There are 14 human players who have signed up.  To make 16 which is ideal for the format and not wanting to have 'Byes' like we do in main league I will add 2 x AI players (one for each group) which will be PaddyPower.  The AI will predict the fixtures for all group stage matches on 1st June.  The prediction will be based on lowest odds (if more than one a random generator will select).  It's not ideal but hopefully might be a bit quirky and a way that people don't miss rounds.  As some starting information there will be 2 groups drawn (each group consisting of 8 players)  There will then be 7 rounds of predictions with all players in each league entering a ranked knockout phase.  Everyone will predict until the End of Round 16 at very least.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will use this thread to begin the foundations for the league. 

Today - Introductory video introducing participants

Later this week - Short Video/Thread to explain competition format

Next week - Initial Group Draw

Next week - Fixture List released

By end of May - Fixture Round Threads Posted to predict whenever ready

Good Luck everyone

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It's draw time..... Pool Draw.mp4

Final Intro.mp4

Just finishing the final edit for the Pool Draw Video which will be posted this afternoon. In the meantime the ball numbers to look out for are as follows....   1 @Maccarone  2 @smogste

Posted Images

Great intro Young...man.

I'm bulling my boots up raring to go just waiting for the kick off.

I am wondering do the players still wear boots these days or are they carpet slippers. 🤣

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8 minutes ago, smogsterking the Inspirati said:

I appear to have been missed off the list 😥

Really sorry mate. Will adapt the league. I was convinced there were 15 human players and then I trawled threads and couldn’t find the missing player. 

You will be back on by tomorrow!

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Happy to have made it right at the death. Reminds a bit like when Denmark came into the Euros in 92 at the last minute after Jugoslavia were kicked out. And we all know how that panned out. 

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1 hour ago, Borodane said:

Happy to have made it right at the death. Reminds a bit like when Denmark came into the Euros in 92 at the last minute after Jugoslavia were kicked out. And we all know how that panned out. 

Really not well..... For Yugoslavia 🇧🇦 🇽🇰 🇷🇸 

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    • One big plus at least Scotland players don't have far to travel home, and up and down the pubs and bars in Scotland they'll be able to talk about the mighty nil nil with England for years to come.
    • Yes me too I was hoping for a last gasp equaliser, I'm hoping that the team are brilliant next game and prove me wrong, but I just feel the other teams have players who can produce that bit of individual brilliance needed, we look stifled and devoid of ideas to create chances. I had high hopes before the tournament started but the manager gives me no confidence, the most inform fullback we have in the squad is Chillwell good defender and fast going forward, the striker  with the best heading ability is Calvert Lewin outstanding season for Everton, neither have had a look in, narrow minded manager who has Plan A and nothing more this squad deserves much better.  
    • Has he whinged about Villa, Liverpool and West Ham like? I'm pretty sure he's spoken about West Ham at least and had nothing but positive things to say about his time there. In comparison with Karanka, he had plenty of good to say about Big Sam too, if I remember rightly. And in his situation, would you feel aggrieved or would you sit there after over a decade's worth of combined service to a club and think "At least I got that chance"? It's a two way street and it always has been with Downing. When he's been here, he's always worked hard and at least earned the chance to justify us keeping him around. He's never downed tools like Braithwaite did, for example. The season Braithwaite signed, Downing was pushed into the under-23s by Monk, they tried to force him out the club and sell to Birmingham and he worked his way back into the team. That same player got demonised as if he was a catalyst for Karanka's departure, got booed by his own fans and still came back trying to fight for the cause. It doesn't matter if I'd been in my job for 1 year or 20, if I made agreements with someone to extend a contract and they then backed out when it suited them and left me in the lurch, I'd be pretty bloody annoyed about it. If he wants to talk about that, he has the right and players who are hung out to dry by clubs don't have any reason to shirk talking about it. Especially with the situation here, where he didn't just have a promise made to him, he made a decision to waive a contractual agreement previously made in part so he would have his future worked out. We got what we wanted in the short term and long term and Downing was forced to leave. How can anyone possibly look at that level of unprofessional behaviour by the club and still think Downing's the problem is completely beyond me. It just seems to be a long term hatchet job continued on from a time when everyone blamed Downing for Karanka nearly leaving the first time and actually leaving eventually. Mixed in with the fact people thought Downing wasn't a good player which for some reason created value judgements of him as a person. People already don't like him and see him in one way so aren't open to the idea that he's in the right. The comment above, "don't get me started" on him, I have to wonder where that comes from when everything Downing says matches up to the absolute shittery we see at the top level of our club every year and especially since Karanka and Orta left.
    • dont get me started on Downing.
    • @wilsoncgp agree with everything you said. Just seems to me that he loves to whinge about how each club dealt with him “unprofessionally” upon leaving them. I have no doubt Boro did probably mess him about in Pulis final yesr but he needs to weigh that off woth how much good our club has done for him over the years, especially the owner who he also slagged off in that Schwarzer interview In every interview I read of his he seems to give of the vibe of there being a sense of self-entitlement with him. Just my opinion and others might see him differently

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