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@HumptyI follow Union pretty closely, especially Northampton Saints. I think the squad will be heavily Welsh, partly due to their Six Nations victory and partly due to Gatland being in charge. I'

@smogsterking the Inspirati Here you go.

I'm surprised to see May miss out of the squad I feel even when not on form he is still capable of producing something.  Sexton is another big omission although that one is more understandable gi

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7 minutes ago, smogsterking the Inspirati said:

Only managed to catch the last 15 today so can't really say much about the performance. But great result that is. I was worried the last Lions tour of South Africa was going to happen again.

Not going to lie, first half I was worried. We barely laid a glove on them. First 10/15 of the 2nd half it was very open, but in a way that suited us a bit. Then when Murray and Farrell came on we really started to dominate the game. 

Lawes or Itoje for MoTM for me.

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    • Under normal accounting standards for intangible assets, transfer fees are amortized on a straight-line basis over the period of the players’ contracts. This was how Derby got into trouble by assigning a residual value to reduce the annual amortized cost to the club. Let's say you are allowed to defer the payment, the costs would have to be assessed over a reduced period and therefore be higher in the out years, big risk if you don't succeed.
    • Surely depends how they account for the actual transfer fee payment, can’t remember if they put it through operating costs or not (and Cba to check right now). If the transfer fee is incurred in the P+L as it’s paid then there is definitely a FFP benefit to back ending payments. 
    • It'll be a loan deal for a year as Mr_Maz says.  If it's got any link to FFP then I can only think it's to help Fulham's FFP position for the coming year.  I don't believe they've sold anyone for any serious money so far, and they would ideally want to keep the net transfer spend as close to zero as possible, as their wage bill will be higher than the parachute payments they receive.  If things don't go as they plan this season then they will probably sell players next summer, which would balance things out for FFP and also cash flow, so the transfer of Wilson then will be fine.
    • https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/cardiff-city-youngster-who-really-21140778 If I was a Cardiff fan I'd read those paragraph's as Brown will probably be gone and Boro's rejected bid wasn't far off, it would be interesting if we sign him AND Kean Bryan. It would definitely add some depth to our left side especially if we're looking to play 5 at the back more often than not.
    • “He is really looking forward to moving to Middlesbrough or the mighty Boro I hear they are called. They have a history with South America and are the best at samba outside of Rio De Janerio is my understanding. Personal details are sorted when they added weekly Parmo’s to his salary can’t wait to do the lambada in the Claggy Mac with the pretty girls.  On the pitch he plays midfield but doesn’t like running So Mr Warnock style of play is perfect as they tend to bypass that part of the pitch most of the time “  **From Google Translate ** Take it as true and please don’t fact check it👍

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