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EURO 2020 Predictions League - Round Four - 17th/18th June

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@trekkers think you've missed a fixture there bud.

D Netherlands v Austria H Ukraine v North Macedonia H Croatia v Czech Republic H England v Scotland H Sweden v Slovakia A Denmark v Belgium

H Netherlands v Austria H Ukraine v North Macedonia H Croatia v Czech Republic H England v Scotland H Sweden v Slovakia A Denmark v Belgium

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9 hours ago, boro-unger said:

@Youngy228 are England no playing Scootland?


D Finland v Russia

H Netherlands v Austria

H Ukraine v North Macedonia

H Croatia v Czech Republic

H England v Scotland 

A Sweden v Poland

They most certainly are!! The spreadsheet must have auto filled and then stupidly I’ve copied that!!

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Finland v Russia (D)

Netherlands v Austria (H)

Ukraine v North Macedonia (H)

Croatia v Czech Republic (H)

England v Scotland (H)

Sweden v Poland (D)


Wow - I'm on a tough run at the moment...first Blanco now Youngy. 

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1 hour ago, trekkers said:

The round is dated 17th/18th but the Fin/Rus game is on now 16th.

Will this be voided as I'm just going to predict this round.

Sorry everyone - I've made a big mess up!!

Yes the Finland prediction will not count as the round should begin tomorrow.


Sorry for the error.

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Also, unless anyone objects.....

 the Belgium v Denmark prediction which was made by everyone in Round 3 will form part of Round 4.  I have accidentally mixed that fixture and the FInland v Russia one up.  Can't include the FInland as not everyone predicted so unfair.

Sorry for the mix up



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    • Yes I totally agree. He’s already admitted he could have put Fry on but even if he doesn’t we have a forward on the bench and there’s 7 minutes left why not put him on with Forss instead of playing a midfielder out of position.     what a total kick in the balls that result is, feels like a defeat. 
    • hopefully in the next week there's gonna be a few surprises.. I mean, wasn't wilder on about 4 new players?
    • I don't think we're signing a right sided central defender.
    • signed 3 free transfers and 3 loans.. only paid actual cash money for 2 strikers, both of which have been referred to as being 'ones for the future', and combined fee's for both mount to 1/5 of what we've received from Spence & Tavernier. So obviously our main striker is yet to be bought. As far as I can tell so far, we've mainly just been covering the players that have exited the club after last season. So yeah, the club need to pull their finger out. Wilder clearly also wants/needs an LCB that will work with his system. Then if he's decided to play McNair as a CM this season, imo we need an RCB that fits wilders tactics better than Dijksteel. tbh I think McNair should be a great RCB in Wilder's style though, so if he's just covering in CM atm and will go back to RCB, then we need another CM imo, probably a proper out and out defensive one. So I'm gonna say.. 3. 3 actual proper signings, that show a genuine ambition to get promoted - there's £20m still in the kitty just from the money we've made from sales..
    • They only had the chance to lob in the box because we gave it away sloppily. Overall we were brilliant and should’ve been up at least 3 or 4 by then. 

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