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Ouch 🤣

When you see something like that it makes you think about stuff and I think its an appropriate time to also say how positive this forum is for myself and my mental health and mood.  It’s a great place

The problem with the gesture itself (in my opinion) is that there are no concrete goals. 'End racism' is a noble idea, but how do we know when that's been achieved? Can it be achieved? I wonder i

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1 minute ago, Neverbefore said:

Chiellini is so likeable, always a smile on his face


Italians are all dodgy so-and-sos...a lot like the Irish really... 😂

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1 minute ago, Neverbefore said:

I'm talking more about "it's coming home" and constant "golden generations" as embarassing. Plus the factthat no other country in world football invests more money into football and only one trophy in its history. 

Ireland on the other hand have an 11th of the population, infinitely less resources and a couple of more popular national sports to compete with. No point making the comparison because they're not playing the same game in that sense.

its coming home was a cool song and we did get close to bringing it home by a penalty loss in the semi's. golden generations lol you regurgitating the *** in the press. 

we invest most and we have the biggest league structure in world football and the top paying league in world football. we'll see the fruits of all that investment in the future, the kids coming through now are class. getting better every year. we will have a huge pool to chose from always now. we'll be up there in every tournament for decades to come. bound to start winning eventually. right haha

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Just now, Neverbefore said:

Can't believe he took that penalty like that on those circumstances, unreal

That's his trade mark ... Did it 7 out of 7 times for Chelsea this season

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    • The administrators must be worried about HMRC. They supposedly owe them £26m.
    • I presume the continued legal action is to ensure that 9-12 point deduction that they are due for breaching P&S is actually carried out. It's all gone quiet since they went in to administration.
    • Well they're currently on -2 points. Another 9 point deduction would make that -11, which is currently 18 points from safety. That would be a serious amount of ground to make up and would require 3 teams above them to have pretty horrendous seasons, in order to overhaul them. I'd rather see Mel Morris get taken for every penny he's got, or otherwise punished to the full extent of the law. Instead he's wringing his hands and saying he's "sorry" while the club that was under his stewardship could end up going to the wall, if the administrators can't find a suitable buyer.  
    • Does Gibson seriously holding a grudge for them outbidding us on Waghorn 😂
    • They haven't actually been punished for cheating yet, which is the whole point of principle for Gibson. They've had a self-inflicted 12 point deduction for administration. They're currently only 9 points from safety, that is far from insurmountable with most of the season left, and the pressure needs to be kept up to ensure they get the punishment they're due.

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