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Ouch 🤣

When you see something like that it makes you think about stuff and I think its an appropriate time to also say how positive this forum is for myself and my mental health and mood.  It’s a great place

The problem with the gesture itself (in my opinion) is that there are no concrete goals. 'End racism' is a noble idea, but how do we know when that's been achieved? Can it be achieved? I wonder i

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5 minutes ago, Brunners said:

Now do the Netherlands go on to lose? That would be a good watch.

Don't be Dumphries  ... 😛 (bad pun attempt)

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9 minutes ago, SmogDane said:

That was Dumphries only second national goal ... His first was for Aruba ...

I honestly thought you were joking, that's amazing!

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We'll be doing well if we see a better game this tournament. Not dripping with quality, especially defensively, but it had some great goals, and it was a proper open contest with a nicely unpredictable ebb and flow.

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    • aah Fischer, id completely fogot about him, unremarkable really,considering that he will go down asone of our most forgettable players in history.it would be nice if you could point to a moment in a game and say ....remember fischer doing this or that.........but you cant, he was totally anonymous. hewill go down in the same list as trevor senior in that respect. or boersma,bent, etc etc etc  its a long list believe me.
    • I do have odd YouTube habits 😂  but I saw this when it was first released and it has burned itself into my Psyche. So if I have to suffer then all you guys have to also 😜 
    • Come on AR, surely everyone already knew about this masterpiece?! It was a big thing when they first did it!
    • They don't seem overly optimistic, do they? Which I guess should give us hope of getting a result. Had to laugh at Mr Optimist's post: "I only hope that by mid-afternoon I am listening to a gracious post-match interview from the fair and balanced (sack of chips on each shoulder) Mr Warnock, who is lamenting the performance of the referee and linesmen… “I don’t know how he has missed it if I am being honest”, “I thought we had complete control of the game up until that point”, “I’m not going to criticise the lads because they have given their all, but to not come away with 3 points due to incompetency like that, we’ll, I’m not going to say any more or I will get myself in to trouble, but…..” They know him well... 😂   I heard your Reading Festival is more book oriented... 🤔🤓  
    • Anyway, here's my musical contribution...what Boro fans will be hoping for on Saturday...    

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