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15 hours ago, Snowblind said:

I hope that detailing around it is actually a feature... Looks like the steel work on the transporter, and I'd be all over using that as an aspect of the design.

Knew I played a Detective on the West End for a reason... 😎

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We should just go back to this, but change the year to 1876  

The thing is I'm not bothered about it.  I don't believe that the person who said it really meant it, and I doubt he was looking to really offend me with it, so I wouldn't report it or him.  A bit lik

Well to be fair they are just ideas put together by fans - either using some kit design website or art software. They probably weren't intended to be original. I'm guessing whoever did them was just t

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47 minutes ago, Brunners said:


Oooh. It's going to be good. I can feel it. Hopefully not so good that I want to buy it though! 😛

Very glad we moved to Hummel. Can you imagine Adidas ever bothering to give us a bespoke kit?!

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51 minutes ago, Weasel said:

Imagine tomorrow:
- Banging home kit with transporter bridge decals
- 1994/1995 green away kit remake (please, please, please)
- Bolasie modelling both

This is Guna happen I can feel it, but with a v neck, giiit up there.

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