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1 minute ago, mendieta420 said:

Btw why is a bridge that never works an icon of the town?

Same reason as the most famous person from the town was the man trying to get as far away as possible?

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We should just go back to this, but change the year to 1876  

The thing is I'm not bothered about it.  I don't believe that the person who said it really meant it, and I doubt he was looking to really offend me with it, so I wouldn't report it or him.  A bit lik

Well to be fair they are just ideas put together by fans - either using some kit design website or art software. They probably weren't intended to be original. I'm guessing whoever did them was just t

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2 minutes ago, Brunners said:

Definitely looks better in the Hummel promotional photo. Will have to see it on a person to truly judge.

You’re right. Looks a lot cleaner on this photo. The patterns look more subtle.

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9 minutes ago, Will said:

Exclusive for the men/women of the forum




Now that is different!

Love the steelwork design...thats something that Boro need to keep IMO as the Transporter Bridge is a Teesside icon.

Overall love the design...just hope we can get a better sponsor soon and can dispense with those stupid, "Spend your money with us...but not too much" messages.


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1 minute ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

I'm an absolute sucker for background images in football shirts, this really does remind me of the Dickens promotion shirts from 94/95 and I'm here for it

That was the green away kit year, so I'm happy if that does come true again. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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2 minutes ago, BoroSmoggie said:

I think there’s too many tansporter bridge ‘patterns’. Looks like a child has got a black sharpie and scribbled on it. 

Yeah one would be enough but they've like double stacked it lol

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2 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

I doubt it'll fit me like that, I'm scrawny.

Don't understand having the Transporter Bridge on 50 times.

I thought it would just be once and was on board with that.

I think they were after a background pattern that would cover the whole shirt.

Just having the 1 bridge design wouldn't do that and I think it would be easier to overlook.

Having multiple images does seem a bit messy but you can't miss the pattern and with a bit of squinting you can still make out what its supposed to be.

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2 minutes ago, Lord_Moose said:

I think it looks better in the pictures where the bridge looks more toned down than on the hung up picture.

We definitely should have had a picture with someone wearing it.

Maybe they couldn't get Yannick in quick enough to get the pics 🙃 

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