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EURO FINAL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 V 🇮🇹

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2 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

Might have been one of them loyalists from Ulster trying to give us a helping hand.

They only have clubs and flintstones #neantherals

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Heading away with the good lady wife so won’t be back on before the final. Sincerest best wishes to the ordinary English fans on here. Hope it happens for you 💪

I think for me it's partly about the connection to the area too. I don't hold much connection to the entirety of England but I love coming from Middlesbrough, I've lived and worked in a few places aro

Congrats, friends ...  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 V 🇩🇰 @ Wembley  ...   Good luck to y'all! 

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Just now, Dan_Boro_Till_I_Die said:

Sterling is just greedy at times. Don't ge the me great player but ffs pass the ball.. 

Typical. He's been brilliant for most of the tournament but decides to have one of his more normal games tonight. 😡



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Just now, Changing Times said:

I bet they can spell Neanderthals though.

Yes when they do their hyroglifics that’s their favourite word 

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    • As much as I love seeing Crooks in that half -space linking up with Jones and Dijksteel, I can't help but think Crooks could be the long term answer in Howson's role which opens up the place for Payero.   
    • As much as I'd love to see more of Martin, can't complain about our midfield trio who have played most others off the park since Wilder came in. Reading is the first game I can't recall us dominating the other midfield with pressure and possession. I'd also say that Crooks is neck and neck with Jones for our player of the season award and I wouldn't be looking to drop the big fella. I do wonder if there's the potential to play Crooks and Payero in the same midfield longer term. It's been noticeable that Howson is no longer playing an out and out DM role, he's often picking up positions edge of the box and rotating a bit with Crooks and Tav. Having 3 energetic box to box midfielders, all with a real threat to the goal is a tasty prospect. Still waiting to be woken up, the past few months since Warnock's gone have been dream like. Attractive football, winning mentality, team spirit, connection with the fans, promising low risk signings, honesty and real plans short & long term from the senior positions at the club. Far cry from the *** coming off the forked tongues of Warnock/Pulis/Monk and co.
    • In his Defence, “Believe” is more auto-tune than it is Cher 😂
    • I didn't say it did. We had a better squad, and more investment than them, they still cheated to get the squad that they did have. Cheating doesn't necessarily make you better than somebody else, it just closes the gap. Derby indisputably cheated, and they finished above us because they cheated.  Waghorn, a player they breached FFP to sign ahead of us, scored 5 goals that led to two wins and two draws. He assisted 2 goals that led to a win and a draw. He also scored another 4 goals and provided 1 assist that helped lead to wins, but weren't integral to them. They finished above us by 1 point, and a player they cheated to sign was directly responsible for at least 12 of their points that season.
    • I would love to attend this if it happened to fall on when i was next in Middlesbrough. Unfortunatley living just outside of Brighton makes the journey a little difficult but i would be very up for this!

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