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On 7/14/2021 at 3:08 PM, Denzel Zanzibar said:

It's not a million miles away no, but still you get people going MARXISM = COMMUNISM AND COMMUNISM BAD LOOK AT CHINA HURRR DURRR

Well to be fair no Communist government has ever delivered the "peoples' paradise" that was the pinnacle / ideal of Socialism. China, Russia, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea...

In fact, in practice Communism and Fascism are just opposite ends of the spectrum...bend that linear spectrum into a circle and they're right next to each other. 😉 Both result in a small wealthy elite, oppression of free speech and vast gulfs in wealth.

So I'd say Communism is no better than Fascism. 🤷‍♂️ In theory it could be great, but as they say, power corrupts.


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Heading away with the good lady wife so won’t be back on before the final. Sincerest best wishes to the ordinary English fans on here. Hope it happens for you 💪

Every England fan last night  (Caution industrial language)    IMG_1425.MP4

Few excellent posts regarding the final and the tournament as a whole. On the pitch Southgate got basically every decision he made spot on leading upto the final. Even the decision to go to a win

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13 hours ago, p_mards said:

Great article on the improvements behind the scenes that have led to English football's current high:


Very interesting read. Give you some idea of the huge amount of effort and resources it takes to build a successful team.

A bit strange and concerning to read that pretty much all the people who were responsible for re-shaping all the behind-the-scenes work have now left... 


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    • I think Tav is what he is, a skilled footballer with good ball control but lacking a footballing brain which has held him back from making the next grade. He is useful and can beat defenders but you never get off your seat watching him and when he lines up to shoot nobody expects him to score indeed it's probably more a case of wondering just how far off target it's going to end up. For me the problem is supporters having unrealistic expectations from him. He's 22 years old, his "development" is behind him, at best he might hone what he has but I would be amazed if he suddenly became a world beater. He has reached his level, with maturity he may refine some flaws but his decision making is the weakest part of his game and if your head isn't telling you what you should do in the next phase of play at 22 then it isn't going to change anytime soon.  In short he is decent at this level, no more no less, with a tendency to believe his own hype which I suspect is one of the main drivers behind such poor decision making.    
    • I have a cousin called Ruaraidh (Rory), Gaelic names get proper wacky!
    • =6th on goals scored. Missed a week too! Somehow find myself just above the relegation zone!!    not going my way this season!!
    • I actually think he’s improved significantly since he was dropped for that one game a while back. 
    • It’s not necessarily criticism (the way I see him), it’s more frustration. He has everything to be one of the best players in the league. He just needs to improve his end product. Personally think he should be getting double figures for goals and assists every season with relative ease with the ability he has. It’s great that he’s a threat and getting in shooting positions, but unless he actually improves his end product it’s not really helping the team. Just think he could really reach that next level with a bit of composure. Saying that, if he did improve his composure, he’d be a premier league player - quite easily.

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