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Euro 2020 Predictions League Message

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Made a couple of mistakes with Rounds 3 and 4. For this I apologise.  

I. enjoy running the competitions but feel really disappointed that I have made these mistakes.  Whilst I would love to continue running the league I also understand if everyone want someone else to take it over - The mistakes really are unacceptable. Personally, these predictions leagues have helped me have a focus and they may well have helped others too - so they should be perfect with no mistakes. Again, sorry for the mistakes.

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This is the best predictions league to date with all the graphics etc.

Keep up the great work and don’t worry about a few mistakes. It’s not like there’s a week between each round. There’s loads!

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Full of entertainment,like some one as already said your IT leave us all in awe.

Me personally I could never trust machines ie computers/calculators which is why I suppose I rarely made mistakes . 😁

But alas this is today's world i.phones and Smart phones,

tut tut whatever happened to pigeons I wonder. 😊


Carry on Youngy your doing a grand job lad.

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Cheers lads. 

been struggling with one or two things recently and think I just got a bit over down on myself. 

of course I’m happy to run it. Just hoping I can do it without anymore mistakes!!

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59 minutes ago, trekkers said:

@Youngy228Your doing a grand job. Please continue as you are giving some of us who've had a

shi te year and more something to look forward to and enjoy!!!!

Appreciate this.
Probably shouldn’t be saying this but finding things really tough right now. The comments from people about this mistakes have been really kind but in my head it’s a huge thing and I’m struggling as it’s about more than this league to me. 

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    • Yes I totally agree. He’s already admitted he could have put Fry on but even if he doesn’t we have a forward on the bench and there’s 7 minutes left why not put him on with Forss instead of playing a midfielder out of position.     what a total kick in the balls that result is, feels like a defeat. 
    • hopefully in the next week there's gonna be a few surprises.. I mean, wasn't wilder on about 4 new players?
    • I don't think we're signing a right sided central defender.
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    • They only had the chance to lob in the box because we gave it away sloppily. Overall we were brilliant and should’ve been up at least 3 or 4 by then. 

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