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EURo 2020 Predictions League - Semi Finals - 6th/7th July 8pm

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Not ideal - should criteria - should probably have used goal time in match and closest to that advances but you learn from it.

Main Draw

Smogzilla v DanfromDownSouth v Youngy228

Plate Draw 

RiseAgainst v Boro-Unger



Denmark v Spain 

England v Italy


Predict score at 90 minutes.  Ties settled in order by:

1.  Total number of correct predictions

2. Two Bonus points awarded for correct score in match

3.  One Bonus point awarded for correct score difference

4.  If this is tied...first Goal scorer in England v Italy 

5.  First Goalscorer in Denmark v Spain

6.  Total Cards in England v Italy (Prediction example 3 points.  There is 1pt for a yellow, 2pts for a straight red.  So for 3 points in the match it would be either 3 yellows or a yellow and a straight red)

7.  Total Cards in Denmark v Spain

8.  Time of Goal in England v Italy ( Closest to it wins!)


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