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Quick photo of the Gaffer with my boy 👍

Coulson doing his best to avoid being sent to Ipswich.

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Just now, Johnmfc81 said:

Is warnock on the touchline?


I've heard he's getting a Brazilian.

I don't know why he booked the appointment for tonight, like, bit unprofessional.

Just kidding, yeah, I can see him on the touchline.

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Just now, wilsoncgp said:

Real shame we have to play Spence at left wing-back. Breaking down on his side as he clearly has no left foot.

Absolutely bizarre we are letting coulson go. He would be very good at wing back i think

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    • “We could have done ten deals by now, but we’d have overpaid," he said blunty. "Some clubs do overpay, and then they have to deal with the consequences down the line. We could be sat here where there wouldn’t have to be questions about recruitment because it would have all been done." "But what would have been done would have been overpaying and putting ourselves in a poor financial position and gambling massively our long-term future for immediate gain. We could quite easily do that, break rules and then do this and do that to work your way around it. Dodge bullets here and cut corners there. "You can’t do it, or you shouldn’t do it. We could have easily done it and the manager would be sat here saying, ‘brilliant, I’m alright. I’ve got what I want’. But, as we know, what happens - the consequences and the knock-on effect of the big gamble - has to be picked up by an owner, and at this club the owner doesn’t want to do it that way. Alternatively, somebody else picks it up or deals with the slack down the line, and I don’t think that’s how a football club should be run."   “I’ve felt it before. People lose their jobs - people who have been working at the football club for 30-35 years. Local contractors don’t get paid and go out of business. People get shafted. The football club then loses points, slides, relegation… Bang! Bang! Bang! "I understand it. Supporters are happy at the time, and it’s maybe a slight criticism of how certain supporters sometimes think. They’re quite happy for everybody to spend and live in the moment." "I remember the Portsmouth situation where they lived in that moment of winning the FA Cup and being in the UEFA Cup and having about 15 guys on £100 grand a week, in a ground that holds about 14-15,000 fans. That’s 14-15,000 really passionate supporters. But all of a sudden a bomb goes off beneath it and all of a sudden they’re in League Two trying to get out of it.”   from the Gazette article on Wilders latest press conference.

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