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Quick photo of the Gaffer with my boy 👍

Coulson doing his best to avoid being sent to Ipswich.

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Just now, Johnmfc81 said:

Is warnock on the touchline?


I've heard he's getting a Brazilian.

I don't know why he booked the appointment for tonight, like, bit unprofessional.

Just kidding, yeah, I can see him on the touchline.

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Just now, wilsoncgp said:

Real shame we have to play Spence at left wing-back. Breaking down on his side as he clearly has no left foot.

Absolutely bizarre we are letting coulson go. He would be very good at wing back i think

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    • But if they didn't have a good enough squad to best ours and anywhere near as much investment as we had, why were we even so close to them at all so that they could beat us by a single point? By the end of the season there was only 1 point in it, Waghorn earned them 12, so what? My point is it shouldn't have even got to that stage. We should have been comfortably in the play-offs if not challenging for further beyond that. We finished a whole 16 points off 2nd place, we weren't even close to challenging for automatics by the end of it but our club at that stage should have been right up there. There is so much that we did wrong to end up where we did in those 2 years that it feels in some way a justified finish, to me. My personal feelings coming out of that season were that we finished where we deserved to. Knowing that Derby finished above us and that they cheated doesn't make me revisit that season and think any different because I'm significantly more bothered about what we do over the course of a 46 game season than any other club, cheating or not. It's not like they filled their squad with supremely talented players, they got Martyn Waghorn ahead of us and we were annoyed about that, that says more about our ***-poor recruitment, to me.
    • Agree that we need to get back to dominating teams but boy it is exciting waiting for  team sheets and subs announced am sure we are going to start clicking very soon. Those SU posters were spot on and Boro will be watched by others much more than before 
    • I agree but I also feel it's hard to justify moving him around when he's playing his role to near perfection. Payero has to come in and show us that we're missing out without him in the side to justify any change to the way Crooks plays.  Not that he'll see it but my apologies to our favourite palm tree for ever thinking he was just going to be a big lump shithouse. He's the 7m midfielder we paid Millwall for.
    • I think Crooks said he sees himself as a DM
    • I appreciate what point you’re making, but how does that detract away from his poor record in front of goal? I really want it to work out for him, because it will ultimately benefit our club.   Regarding the coaching point, surely you’d still have the fundamentals of a footballer and their technical ability so it wouldn’t matter what system they’re being used in. He was clean through on goal during Warnock, Woodgate and Pulis and has never been a consistent scorer in either. Is that bad tactics? Or is that composure?    I think where he looks better under Wilder is being taken away from that role, so he’s ticking things over rather than being asked to create and score more.    The early signs are positive for him in Wilders system, and I think he will benefit for sure. 

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