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Quick photo of the Gaffer with my boy ūüĎć

Coulson doing his best to avoid being sent to Ipswich.

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2 minutes ago, BearSmog said:

Bahamboula provides exactly what Bolasie does at a fraction of the cost

And a fraction of the age. Might have some resale value in 2-3 years.

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Quite impressed with Ikpeazu so far, his shielding of the ball and link up play has been good, certainly something we have been missing. Bishops doing really well in holding their shape and it is proving a good work out for both teams 

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2 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

Awww, nobody to really be interested in watching now.

Unless Bishop Auckland prove surprisingly able at testing our defence.

Are you not looking forward to watching wingyesta?

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    • Honestly I might be totally naive but I've never heard of this until today, has it been reported in the press, or is it something you need to be ITK to be be aware of?¬†¬† We've all criticised the club for recruitment as it has looked poor from the outside looking in but I wasn't aware of an amateurish sports science department. I'm not trying to have an argument I've just never heard this before.¬†
    • I'm not sure how relevant having access to information is quite honestly.¬†What information do you think would change people's minds about homosexuality?¬† Is there any that could suddenly take someone from 'I hate it' to 'I think it's fine'?¬† I'm not so sure?¬† There's plenty of people in this country who don't like homosexuality, and as I said, it wasn't that long ago that it was illegal here.¬† As I also said, it is a religious thing.¬† Even in this country it was essentially illegal because the dominant religion here held that it was wrong.¬† The difference isn't that we are more enlightened, I think it's just that we are less religious, and this¬†secularism, especially in newer generations, is what is removing the stigma attached to homosexuality.¬† I don't believe it is ignorance and it's too easy to label it as such.¬† They know exactly why they believe what they do.¬†
    • We've had 2 old school managers in quick succession, I'd guess some moved on due to lack of input.
    • https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59461288 Not sure if this is good or bad..¬† but can they just go back to signalling immediately instead of waiting for a touch
    • Think you're in the minority there...

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