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Give me Ikpeazu over Britt anyday.

Neil Bausor misunderstood Warnock's instructions to "Go get a Brazilian"  

First game of the season. Sunday lunchtime kick off. London. Against favourites for the league and with arguably the best squad. Great point. Welcome to the Championship Marco

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1. Boro have done quite a bit of business so far but the squad still looks very thin in places. How many more signing do we need before the end of the window?

I think our business has been shrewd, but stii issues to resolve

STOJANOVIC, is he staying or leaving. I liked him more than pears and he offers good back up. I think he wants away though so we may need a keeper.

LB it is clear we need cover here as Coulson is surely going on loan. Ideally sign someone who can cover at CB too

RW/LW we need 2 wingers for me. Ameobi sounds like a long issue. Tav isn’t a winger as such, I prefer him in the centre or a number 10, but he is a must start. The guy at Aberdeen sounds possible. but i’d like Bolasie or Kebano back if we could swing one of em.

CF We need 2 one needs to be a big lad to challenge Ikpeazu, the other capable of playing across the front 3. (Bolasie could cover this role).

We are a bit light for now so see Fulham nicking the opening game unfortunately.

2. What would be your line-up for this match?

I expect us to play 4-3-3 this season but I think Warnock will try to keep this tight and play a defensive spoiling 5-4-1 system at Fulham keeping our old friend Keith Stroud busy with his cards.


Spence…..Dijksteel…..Fry….Hall….Bola/Coulson/Peltz (depending on injuries)

McNair…..Morsy….Crooks….Tav if fit (Watmore if not)



3. Where do you think we will finish come the end of the season

As the squad stands 7th or 8th, but if we fill the gaps I mentioned earlier then top 6 🤞

As for Bausor, where in the world is he, well if he doesn’t deliver those signings i think he’ll be found up sheet creek without a paddle


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i think first game we will deffo be playing 5 at the back.

dijksteel fry hall paddy tav

morsy crooks howson

uche watmore

i think that will be the starting 11 on sunday. god help us. 

i'll go for 0-0.

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I don't quite see why we will play 5 at the back given Warnock has already stated he doesn't think it will work against a 4? That's what Fulham play with.

Surely if he does play a 5, that means Warnock has taken his words from the York City game and threw them out. Like, he's publicly acknowledged it's a bad idea and then he's going to play it anyway? That feels really odd to me.

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5 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

I don't quite see why we will play 5 at the back given Warnock has already stated he doesn't think it will work against a 4? That's what Fulham play with.

Surely if he does play a 5, that means Warnock has taken his words from the York City game and threw them out. Like, he's publicly acknowledged it's a bad idea and then he's going to play it anyway? That feels really odd to me.

we have no left back do we? so how we going to play a back 4? hope your right though. i'd take a fudged left back like paddy or peltier filling in over a back 5. 

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19 minutes ago, Dynamo Kev said:

we have no left back do we? so how we going to play a back 4? hope your right though. i'd take a fudged left back like paddy or peltier filling in over a back 5. 

Bola is training. I fully expect him to get thrown straight in if I'm honest.

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13 minutes ago, newyddion said:


Fulham vs Middlesbrough  - Match Preview Sunday 8th August - Kick off 13:30


Fulham, London, Premier League Last Season, Pretty Slick..

as Neil Warnock turns to his opposite number “Marco Silva what is your profession” err Premier League Manager? “Antonee Robinson, wanted by AC Milan last season weren’t you” yes gaffa, it was my.. “Mitrović, you didn’t fancy the boro last time round did you fella? Didn’t play your sort of football” well Tony Pu..”MATTY, MORSY, UCHE, what’s your profession?”


Let’s get stuck right into this lot, championship favourites? Fulham became the first British team to sell hot dogs at their ground in 1926 sums them up them up in their entirety, they’re nothing but a bunch of hotdog sellers. Coming down from the premier league with a new manager and a severe change in line up.. folks expecting, they’re gonna be turning over boro on their first day back? I’m sorry, but that’s not how the championship works I’m afraid. We’ve changed out Flappy Canhardly for Joe Lumley who stepped up against us last season showing why he was worthy of a starting role in this season’s campaign. We’ve changed out chubby giggle chops, the flat track bully for a genuine Beast to lead the line. Adebayo Akinfenwa’s gym buddy last season showed not only was he by far the strongest in the league but was also capable of smashing in goals against the odds and holding up play, bringing in attacking opportunities for a team that had no right to be in the championship. Rotherham were another team that struggled last season, a team that we should have beaten comfortably at the Riverside back end of January.. Matty Crookes flipped the switch on that one after 2 minutes, he’d had a go at Sam Morsy straight away.. those two together this season are going to be unreal! The perfect big brother program for Marty P’s introduction to English Football. Stick Deal Fry with Sol Bamba and Uche Ikpeazu in the gym this season and we’re good to go! EVERYDAY IS LEG DAY

A few tweaks here and there before the window shuts but for the most part against Fulham, we’re battle ready.



Make no mistake Fulham will fancy themselves as the top dogs, Marco Silva as Jose Mourinho’s heir apparent albeit the pound shop version or perhaps more accurately presented as Jose Mourinho if you’d ordered him from wish. He starts off well but is more known for meltdowns than for silverware, silly strops over success and big watches.

Marco will be whipping out the Portuguese Special ‘4-2-3-1’ it looks like 4-3-3 which when in possession and 4-4-2 in defence, with the midfield three rotating like a well oiled timepiece.. unfortunately, Neil Warnock knows the bog standard 4-2-3-1 all too well and was switching to 4-3-3 in possession when Marco was still shoving square pegs into round holes. Marco has done a right picture for daddy Warnock, the well oiled timepiece looks more like a washing machine with the door left open and in Morsy, Crookes and McNair I think Cool Hand Neil is about to throw some bricks in to the party. Hardcase, nutcase Aleksandar Mitrović is about to dance with the dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.. whoever steps into the rotating three only has the championship’s best back four to contend with after that.


Our front three of Earth Wind and Fire, the blunt force trauma of Iche Ikpeazu, the mercurial wizardry of Duncan Watmore and the trailblazing non stop quality of Marcus Tavernier will have every team in the league sitting up mouth agape. This is the core of our squad this season and a damn fine one it is too. Championship quality is nothing to turn your nose up at, it will grind up anything from the premier league not ready for the big show.

Fulham do have quality, Anguissa for one will have his eyes on a higher league and most of the rest will still be on premier league time. Marco Silva does not have a clue what he's letting his boys into. High expectations, for the school prefect.. they're about to go toe to toe with the kid who's been kept back a few year and smokes behind the bike shed. 


Expect class from Antonee Robinson and Tosin Adarabioyo will be one off the best centre backs in the league (if he stays) Harry Wilson will no doubt play a part and is an absolute dream in the Championship. Mitrovic is class, make no mistake and he'll be one of the top scorers this season. We're a different tempo, a different gravy.. all things being equal our first XI does them over on the first day back. Uche Ikpeazu and Matty Crookes bring a lot to the table and they in turn bring on the likes of Tavernier and Watmore. McNair moves a bit further up the pitch for me tomorrow, cover at the back and his distribution has somewhere to go. Tavernier will cover a lot of ground when we're out of possession and Watmore will be a nightmare Fulham to contend with. 

Fulham 0 – 2 Middlesbrough

Neil Warnock turns water into wine, Marco Silva has the balsamic vinegar and olive oil out.. they're both invited to the promotion party, but only one will end up copping off at the end of the night.


Love it Newton. Get your name down to be an match day thread author 👍

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1 minute ago, newyddion said:

match day thread author? how does that work then? (sounds like the thing I should have done)

basically there's a list of people and before every match someone puts up the next match thread - the author changes with a draw/defeat, but on a win streak the same person will do a bunch in a row.

It's pinned to the top of the forum, called: Match Day Thread Volunteers 2021/22 season

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Brilliant Newy, sorry to read about your FMTTM troubles, you are a class poster, welcome to this forum, please sign up for the match day thread,  that would be fantastic. 

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Fulham V Boro 1-1 (Bola)

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    • No not quite I’m more the posh south Dublin accent 😃 but agreed, definitely wouldn’t say it to her face 😂
    • I think for like the final 35 minutes of the first half we were really good. Second half we tailed off a little bit, especially after we changed shape again and went back to the 3 at the back. Was speaking to a Barnsley fan on reddit about this and apparently this is a huge problem for them. Their manager refuses to adapt or make any changes to a style that clearly isn't working, they create barely anything and leak goals due to their high line. Because he spent like 70%+ at RB, where he was actually pretty good. Think he struggled during his time in CM, yet again. Whether it's at RB he can see the whole game in front of him or what but he definitely looked far more comfortable there.  Wait, really? For me, Crooks was far and away the best player on the pitch! He was absolutely top notch last night I thought.
    • After writing my original comment about terrible shooting accuracy I watched highlights of MU and Atalanta. Rashford first three shots were as bad and off target as most of ours. Fourth one was a beauty  though and scored. So perhaps the overall point is that most players/teams need to have  at least 10 or 12 attempts to score a couple of goals. (Ronaldo on the other hand had four attempts and four on target  - still “only” one goal though!
    • Hope you dont sound like Katie Taylor! Strange accent that but i wouldnt say that to her face
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