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Season 21/22 Results Thread

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Just realised I've exactly the same games won/drawn/lost and points as Boro 

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4 minutes ago, Uwe said:

Just scraped a win with 7 correct predictions. Some big scores yesterday 

That's amazing ..  six players didn't win with 8 correct and two players didn't win with 9! 


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Some excellent scores.  Last year was only games after 3pm on Sat but trying this year to get as many 12 match rounds as we can by including earlier games too.  Seems to be working ok as everyone has managed to predict both rounds. 😀  

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    • Agreed which is why I think @Will and @Tom’s suggestion of utilising the wall on the walk to the ground should be something we look to get off the ground. I’ve had a response from the club and they’re going to get back to me on what we can use in and around the stadium.
    • People do get reported and we decide the report needs no further action, if that's what you mean, yes. Different people get offended by different things, that's just human nature. If people do see and get offended by anti English comments and they don't get immediately picked up by Mods, then report them. That's what the button is there for. We are not "claiming" anything. The prior anti English comments that I am aware of came during the context of the Euros. While not ideal, there will always be some home nation bantering when it comes to football and while yes in hindsight some of them may have crossed over the "banter" line (which is a hard line to police, by the way), they have been apologised for, whether you want to believe that or not. The report happened to be about you - I don't know what you want me to say about that. You know full well you can be antagonistic and sometimes you tip toe the line and while usually you're good at staying on the right side of it, sometimes you fail. Would someone else have got the same punishment you did for the comments you made that day? Maybe not, but it's all contextual. You had two prior warnings for very similar offences so a step up was deemed appropriate. Other mods can comment on this if they want, but this is the last comment you will get from me on the matter.
    • All big games really.  We're in the hunt so the pressure is on!  Great to see.
    • This is the kind of thinking we need at this football club. Seriously though, if you're going to do stuff like this then it should be lots of players of the past, not just Ugo, although I get the reason for him being mentioned specifically.  Most players aren't going to get statues at the ground like Mannion, and Hardwick, it'd be nice to have something for lots of players, and a space for players in the future as well.
    • Give over mate.  You know what I'm talking about, you've seen it as others have.  At least one of the bloody mods was doing it as well.  Is this how it's going to be now, mods acting dumb when things get called out? Can I ask a question, is it possible in your opinion, that some people will end up being reported more than others, but that the reports might not have any real merit to them?  Genuine question.

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