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Season 21/22 Results Thread

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There are 46 rounds which follow the 46 rounds of fixtures.  Obviously that means if I only post 1 round at a time then it can therefore be pretty quick turnaround for midweek rounds leaving people only Sunday and Monday to predict.

I am happy to post a few rounds together - it won't have the most up to date form in the graphic but that doesn't really matter if people want longer to predict.


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Wow - feel like I got away with that one.

Had a feeling I'd be lucky to get around 4 after seeing Tuesday's results. Not a great round...just lucky BD had a mare.

Mind you no-one got more than 5 so I guess I did okay. Some unexpected results IMO.


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5 minutes ago, Motor Mouth said:

Late late goal by Branco has stopped my run of wins grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ☺️

I know - I had even saved the table ready for publishing before Coventry goal.

I've been done twice with injury time goals this season! Could be so different.  I won't go as far as Woodgate and say the tables lying!!!

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12 minutes ago, Motor Mouth said:

Late late goal by Branco has stopped my run of wins grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ☺️

I couldn’t let you get too far away this early on @Motor Mouth 🤷‍♂️

Sorry for spoiling your 100% record though mate 

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    • @Maccarone Im assuming sheff Utd is h based on key location?
    • Yeah Bola was brought back too quickly by Warnock twice and was injured in the games he returned in. Dijksteel once.  Hopefully we'll see a lot less of that going on now that we have a manager who isn't just out for himself.
    • Last season Bola played 41 games out of 46, which is pretty good. Fry started 32 out of the first 38, but then missed the last 8 games - presumably one injury. The season before, Fry started 36 games with two short spells out ( Bola wasn’t bring picked a lot that season from memory.) So for those two, this season may be just unlucky, poor fitness management, as Wilder has suggested, or bringing them back too quickly after injury. There doesn’t seem to be a long term repeated history of injuries. Dijk does seem to miss more games though.
    • Thanks for putting some more context out there - stop the idiots claiming it’s just snowflakes being upset with the songs etc. It’s absolutely vile that female fans are being groped, hopefully more people will come forward and the club can deal with people appropriately. The leagues need to work together to take a tough stance on drugs use. As we saw at the Euros it’s ruining matches as well as our opportunity as a country to host big games and tournaments. 
    • It doesn’t look good but I suspect we will end up around mid table. We may struggle over the coming games but I expect improvement will be great enough to see us home. I would go as far to say we may even finish around 10th.  I am impressed with Chris in the press conferences, he comes across well, his knowledge of the club’s infrastructure and his plans give me confidence of his leadership.  I believe we are in good hands. 

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