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3 hours ago, Brunners said:

Out of interest; do you research this as a hobby or a job? Just wondering how you know so much about literally everything it seems, endlessly fascinating info you always pull up mate.

Cheers Brunners, just as a hobby mate, love looking back at the mighty Boro stats

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With this being out last fixture being the last before the first international break and the start of the next chants of its coming home. Boro Blackburn along with Man City Arsenal and Celtic Rangers 

If you've ever met Tony Mowbray he's far from miserable or lacking in class a top bloke actually, the club were asked if it was possible if we could supply a few players for a charity raising  pub eve

I made my return to the Riverside yesterday for the first time since Covid and lockdown hit. I’ve spoken on here in the past about losing the passion recently, largely due to a succession of years of

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9 minutes ago, Erimus74 said:

Cheers Brunners, just as a hobby mate, love looking back at the mighty Boro stats

Where do you find it all? Is there like a go to resource for 50 year old Boro stats?!

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Can't deny we looked much much better when we had Morsy and Howson in midfield vs Derby 

The battle to see who can have the lowest possession tomorrow, currently Boro are 22nd with an average of 41.8% a game and Blackburn are 23rd with a 38.9% average

2-1 Boro (Uche, Tav, Brereton) 

Look out for Joe Rothwell tomorrow, a joy to watch when he's on song but let's hope that's not the case 

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17 minutes ago, Brunners said:

Where do you find it all? Is there like a go to resource for 50 year old Boro stats?!

My Boro books, scrapbooks, internet etc, great to read, saying that I've always been knowledgable of the Boro mid 70's onwards to the final season at Ayresome Park 

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My team for tomorrow.

• Blackburn fullbacks weak, Tav and Jones crucial. 
• Payero needs at least 60 minutes before the international break. 
• Ikpeazu against 2 very physical centre halves. Can see a red card between those 3. 


We must get the ball out wide quickly and get bodies and the ball into the box. 

Blackburn do not have much pace for the counter attack. We aren’t usually great when a team invites us on but a high line would be a good option against this opposition. (Ian Poveda changes this if he plays for Blackburn)

Blackburn’s key man is Ben Brereton (Diaz)


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my team



------crooks morsy

bola- paddy- fry --dijk

got to give payero minutes. we need him in the team. hes way better than what we have potentially. we wont see that unless he plays. just start him every game and sub his 60min in. he needs his confidence.

actually thinking about it i bet we go 5 at the back:



 jones ----morsy ------dijk

-----bola-- fry --paddy


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On 8/26/2021 at 3:52 PM, TLF10 said:


“Middlesbrough is the team I follow and always will”. ❤️

How can you not love this man? 

You will always be a total legend Mogga. I sincerely hope you return to us in some capacity once your managerial career is over in some capacity. Ideally scouting.

Legend without a doubt, love the bloke, he still has the Boro in his heart

I didnt want him to manage us due to the fact I knew when it goes wrong at the Boro it usually goes badly wrong & he'll be hammered, which he was by a few of our fans, in a perfect world he'd manage us to greatness but in reality we'll just have to remember Mogga who was the leader with his band of brothers who through the most difficult period in our history played with pride, passion, sleeves rooled up captain




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We're due a home win over Blackburn, we have to go back to Boxing day 2012 for the last victory over em on Teesside, when Lukas Jutkiewicz scored the only goal

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33 minutes ago, Brick_Tamland said:

Did he really never play at the Riverside? I was sure he played there once. Maybe for Ipswich?

Not 100% sure, he could have played when they visited us in 1998, in a 1st divison fixture, dont think I have the teamsheet of that game either 

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I’ve got a feeling he’ll Chuck Payero in from the start today, as unlikely as it is in reality. I think he’ll want to shut the fans up and a week on the training pitch with Leo should’ve done him a world of good 

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Boro vs Blackburn 1-1 (Howson)

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    • =6th on goals scored. Missed a week too! Somehow find myself just above the relegation zone!!    not going my way this season!!
    • I actually think he’s improved significantly since he was dropped for that one game a while back. 
    • It’s not necessarily criticism (the way I see him), it’s more frustration. He has everything to be one of the best players in the league. He just needs to improve his end product. Personally think he should be getting double figures for goals and assists every season with relative ease with the ability he has. It’s great that he’s a threat and getting in shooting positions, but unless he actually improves his end product it’s not really helping the team. Just think he could really reach that next level with a bit of composure. Saying that, if he did improve his composure, he’d be a premier league player - quite easily.
    • No not quite I’m more the posh south Dublin accent 😃 but agreed, definitely wouldn’t say it to her face 😂
    • I think for like the final 35 minutes of the first half we were really good. Second half we tailed off a little bit, especially after we changed shape again and went back to the 3 at the back. Was speaking to a Barnsley fan on reddit about this and apparently this is a huge problem for them. Their manager refuses to adapt or make any changes to a style that clearly isn't working, they create barely anything and leak goals due to their high line. Because he spent like 70%+ at RB, where he was actually pretty good. Think he struggled during his time in CM, yet again. Whether it's at RB he can see the whole game in front of him or what but he definitely looked far more comfortable there.  Wait, really? For me, Crooks was far and away the best player on the pitch! He was absolutely top notch last night I thought.

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