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I have a feeling NW might stick with the wing back system he used v Blackburn


Fry Hall Paddy

Dijk Howson Crooks Bola

Tav Uche Jones

Subs: Daniels, Peltier, Siliki, Payero, Watmore, Onel, Sporar

Our bench looks much better than it has. Some options on there now.

Hope we can kick on but Coventry won both home games so far and made a strong start. 

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Posted Images


Dijk Hall Fry Paddy Bola

Crooks Howson

Tav Uche Jones

Daniels Bamba Payero Siliki Hernandez Watmore Coburn on the bench

1-1 (Uche)

Anyone else still waiting for their tickets to arrive? Starting to panic a bit!

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1. Who makes your starting XI?


Dijksteel, Fry, Hall, Bola,

Tav, Howson, Crooks,

Hernandez, Uche, Jones

Subs: Daniels, McNair, Peltier, JLS, Payero, Watmore, Sporar

2. Why hasn’t Payero been given more game time so far?

I think Warnock wants the lad better settled in with the players. I hope lots has been happening behind the scenes to keep him happy and learning the lingo. Personally, I think playing him would help rid any issues in settling in he might be experiencing. It would make him feel wanted.

3. Which of our summer signings are you most excited about seeing in a Boro shirt?

Hernandez without doubt, I love a tricky pacy winger me.

4. People used to use the phrase “being sent to Coventry” as an insult. Where would you least like to be sent in England, and why?

The Southern Cross Pub by Dixons Bank
Having to drink their awful beer would be harsh enough punishment for most human beings, but having to listen to the tales of Liddle_Towers bootboy memory, fibs and tall tales of how he took on Various firms single handedly in the 70’s and 80’s and still could now would have me straight on the phone to Dignitas.

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I do love your matchday threads @RiseAgainst  😂. I feel there is a decent Bond movie (spoof) to be made about Middlesbrough, starring Paul Whitehouse, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer (and Chubby Brown as Warnock). Theme song by Chris Rea. 


Questions for the audience:

1.       Who makes your starting XI?

Eh, I'll leave this one to the gaffer, since I don't know much about the new acquisitions and will just wait a few games to see how they work out.


2.       Why hasn’t Payero been given more game time so far?

Think you nailed this in your original post.


3.       Which of our summer signings are you most excited about seeing in a Boro shirt?

Probably Hernandez and Sporar.


4.       People used to use the phrase “being sent to Coventry” as an insult. Where would you least like to be sent in England and why?

I think they still do, don't they? Anyway, the place I'd least like to be sent to is Birmingham, as they talk funny there. The accent just makes me want to giggle and I'd be scared of getting my face punched for laughing at them.


Coupled with the changes to the squad and the likelihood of a fairly different starting lineup, plus the fact Coventry have had a decent start to life in the Championship, I'm not expecting this to be an easy game.

While they don't travel too well, they have been fairly decent at home. Also expect Boro to misfire a bit if Warnock does decide to throw in a lot of the new guys. I'd be okay with a draw from this one. Think this is one of those games where all outcomes are equally likely, so don't even want to make a prediction. Will just wait and see...


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Warnock will pick -


Dijksteel     Hall          fry       Bola

                Howson        Mcnair


Hernandez                          Jones


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There seems to be a real anticipation about this game especially with the number of Boro fans going, whilst the game is not in the must win catagory believe it is one that could be labled as "needing to win", especially as it will save me doing the Forest thread!

Looking forward to it and getting the buzz of the crowd.

This may seem a silly question but due to rising numbers and Boro being a bit of a hot spot for Covid 19 would anyone consider masking at the game? I certainly am thinking about it, though double jabbed and all that I wonder if I am being overly cautious about wearing a mask.

Would you?

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4 minutes ago, Humpty said:

If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. It’s not a silly question and you don’t need anyone’s approval to do so 👍🏻

Have already decided to wear a mask Matt as I think it wise and at the moment there is no stigma about doing so!

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For me the make up of the team depends on how much trust he has in putting in Siliki or Payero from the start and whether Bola is fit. If Bola isn’t fit we’re either shoehorning Jones in as a LWB or selecting Peltier as a LB. If we play 3 at the back we could be a bit light in midfield unless Crooks drops deeper, he plays Tav as one of the three central midfielders or puts faith in Siliki or Payero.

If Hernandez is out with covid, I think that’ll force his hand into going with a back three.

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We've got a stronger and more balanced squad than we've had for several years, but there's no denying we're weak at LB/LWB. We're already talking about shoehorning in players if Bola's unavailable for any reason. We really do need to pick up a free agent in that position as a matter of urgency.

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Regards wearing a mask, your main risk is from airborne particles drifting into your breathing space. If there is a lot of people behind and above you singing and shouting, then risk increases, so you are not being silly, you are showing you care about the safety of your family and yourself. Take one with you and wear it in enclosed areas like concourse but if you feel safe, take it off, it is your choice, so just use your head and do what feels right 

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If Hernandez is out


BigDjik  Fry  McNair  Bola

Payero   Siliki   Crooks

Tav                         Jones


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  • Downsouth changed the title to Coventry vs Boro 2-0

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