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Boro V Blackpool 1-2 (Tavernier)

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Look at this graphic. The two bullet points at the bottom are bonkers. People were still complaining back then about the style of play and ‘negative’ football as well.

Riverside Stadium Saturday 18th September 2021 Kick off: 1500hrs. Highlights to be shown on Sky Sports and Quest though possibly some links might appear for live coverage. Introduc

To be honest this idea that Neil Warnock is trying to put across of 'unprofessional' habits which he's picking up 2 years into the job really doesn't wash with me, he used to give his QPR and Cardiff

Posted Images

I'm sorry but this is unacceptable we have lost today due to Warnocks game management he has got to go. He hasn't trained this side to control games every game is end to end. We concede too much 


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2 minutes ago, ballyclover said:

we owe so much to Warnock but his tactics are too outdated,,, UTB

Do we really owe him so much? He kept us up when he first came in and has stunk the place out ever since. He needs to go. 

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I think we as a club are too big for Warnock.

We've got a blooming good squad full of players who can PLAY. 

We still don't have an identity. We still hoof. Wrong manager for these players.

So poor.

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3 minutes ago, Aphex_Boro said:

I promise you we would be critical as we have been awful all day and any equaliser would just paper over the gaping cracks

We signed actual footballers and got rid of plodders, just need the manager to go with them now 


If we had managed a draw, it still wouldn't have excused how bad we have been this 2nd half. How we've let Blackpool dominate the game.

On paper this should have been a win for us, but frankly we're getting what we've deserved.


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  • Downsouth changed the title to Boro V Blackpool 1-2 (Tavernier)

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    • 1. Are you starting to feel optimistic about the season yet? Still no. We've beat arguably the two worst teams in the league. NW has had a huge slice of luck having this run of games, 2. Should Crooks and Payero be our midfield partnership from now on? Yes. I know Neil (and by extension, the Gazette) have been making a big deal out of it, but it is nice to see Crooks take Martin under his wing and hopefully that helps Martin acclimate a bit faster. 3. How many points do you expect from the next 3?  Cardiff (A), Birmingham(H), Luton(A) Honestly, 6 minimum - with their form, we should be looking to beat both Cardiff & Birmingham. Luton are a really decent team this year though, so I'd happily take a draw down there. 4. Who is the better manager out of Warnock and McCarthy? That's like asking what's the better pain, being punched in the face or the nads. 5. Starting 11 and formation?                         Lumley Howson - McNair - Bamba - Peltier                  Payero - Crooks Tavernier               -             Jones/Hernandez                   Watmore                            Sporar A 4231 / 424 style formation with Watmore playing just off Sporar. Think with how well they've been doing, Payero & Crooks have to stay together, and IMO Howson was much better at RB the other night than I've seen him be in CM in a long time. 6. Who scored the 2nd goal against Barnsley, Sol or Crooksy? Crooks I think, although it was very close!
    • Cardiff City vs Middlesbrough FC                                                              Saturday 23rd October – 12:30 pm (Sky Sports)                                                                              Cardiff City Stadium Current standings: Boro continue to climb up the table and we find ourselves in a reasonable 10th place. The Bluebirds are in free fall and Mick Mccarthy might be the most hated man in Cardiff right now. If he doesn't get something from this game he's most likely getting sacked. Views from various Cardiff City fans on social media/forums: "Weird that the bookies have us as favourites when we have lost 7 games in succession conceding 17 goals and scoring 1 and have the worst home record in the division. Fear we will get a draw and be stuck with MM." "1-1 if we are lucky and Boro are poor." "Much better yesterday, we need a bit of luck and maybe a fluky goal and the confidence will slowly return, we are better than those results show, McCarthy has been picking the wrong team for most of those games!" "I’d take Warnock back tomorrow." "Boro will be too streetwise, one of our ex players bound to score. Think I'd actually applaud Sol even if its a scruffy tap in, fair play to him." "If Bamba gets McCarthy sacked he’ll become Cardiff’s biggest ever legend" "I’ve been to our last 7 games home and away and seen us score 1 and concede 17. Much better performance tonight but still dire." "Mick McCarthy's recent record at Cardiff City... - Seven defeats in a row - Nine defeats in 10 - One goal in 630 minutes" "Boro will be an interesting game. Neil Warnock getting all the applause while Mick gets all the abuse. The way it should be" "It’s been 172 days since Cardiff last scored a goal in the first half" Questions: 1. Are you starting to feel optimistic about the season yet? 2. Should Crooks and Payero be our midfield partnership from now on? 3. How many points do you expect from the next 3?  Cardiff (A), Birmingham(H), Luton(A) 4. Who is the better manager out of Warnock and McCarthy? 5. Starting 11 and formation? 6. Who scored the 2nd goal against Barnsley, Sol or Crooksy?                                                         (These wins are coming fast so these threads are getting briefer 😁)  
    • In Tavs defence, what attacking coaches has he had to work with over the last few years?    Warnock, Pulis and Woodgate were hardly known for their attacking prowess. I’d say Robbie Keane would have taught him a thing or two but at 22 you can always develop and I’m sure with more chances he would get more composure.    Id probably say that the whole team could do with a prolonged period of dominance in games to get some more composure and match practice at shooting. Last nights game showed how in the final third we are so nervous in my opinion. Not just Tav but everyone. 
    • I think it was Patrick Kielty who once said that when non-Irish do Irish impersonations, its always the Cork accent they imitate. 😁
    • Just realised I've exactly the same games won/drawn/lost and points as Boro 

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