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Boro V Blackpool 1-2 (Tavernier)

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01/12/1900 - 1st fixture between both clubs,  Boro 2 Blackpool 0 

Biggest win 9-2 as mentioned below 

Hattricks & more in one game v Blackpool 

10th December 1938, Wilf Mannion bagged 4 goals at home to Blackpool in the 9-2 thrashing, one more than Micky Fenton

Wilf became the 9th different Boro player to score 4 goals in one 1st team game & the 17th in total

7th September 1925 - James McCelland scored all 3 in a 3-2 win at Bloomfield park, in a 2nd division fixture, it was James 1st Boro HT our 5th away HT & 39TH in total

James became the 16th different Boro player to score a 1st team HT

10TH December 1938 - Micky Fenton scored 3 when the mighty Boro thrashed Blackpool 9-2 at Ayresome Park in 1st division fixture, it was Micky Fenton’s 5th Boro HT,  our 49th home HT & 65TH in total

Micky became the 23rd different Boro player to score a 1st team HT

25th November 1950 - Alex McCrae scored 3 goals in a 4-3 home win,  it was Alex’s 3rd Boro HT our 62nd home HT & 80TH in total

Alex became the 29th different Boro player to score a 1st team HT

15th November 1986 - Bernie Slaven was the 1st Boro player to score a HT after coming out of voluntarily liquidation & the 1st FAC HT v Blackpool

It was Bernies 1st Boro HT our 85th home HT & 118TH in total

Bernie became the 44th different Boro player to score a 1st team HT

It was also our 15th FAC hattrick, of which 11 were at home 


Record of Boro v Blackpool 

Won 22

Drew  7

Lost 5

Goals scored – 74

Goals against -  40


Did you know:- 

1973-74 - Blackpool were one of 2 teams we failed to beat in our  2nd division championship & the only team we failed to score past that season 

One of the 1986 legends Gary Parkinson, between 1986-1993 played 243 games for the Boro, scoring 7 goals, in 2001 for one season he signed for Blackpool, his last league club, where he played 24 games

One of the 4 famous Carr bothers who played for the mighty Boro John, played 449  goals scoring 81 goals signed for Blackpool in 1930, playing 14 games, scoring 2 goals

Micky Burns who John Neal signed in 1978 started out for Blackpool but didn’t play a 1st game for them 


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Look at this graphic. The two bullet points at the bottom are bonkers. People were still complaining back then about the style of play and ‘negative’ football as well.

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28 minutes ago, Old Codger said:

Teesside Park is over a mile from Riverside..  you would need Middlehaven (formerly Cargo Fleet)...  Metro just fancy name for local rail services 

Sorry my bad meant Middlehaven, so has the old Cargo Fleet Station opened now?

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as far as I know, it is still "under consideration"..  which usually means nobody wants to invest the money required ..  would certainly help even if only open on match days, but I fear it will go the way of the wind turbine and unless people start to kick up a fuss, the Transporter ..  

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18 minutes ago, Old Codger said:

as far as I know, it is still "under consideration"..  which usually means nobody wants to invest the money required ..  would certainly help even if only open on match days, but I fear it will go the way of the wind turbine and unless people start to kick up a fuss, the Transporter ..  

Thanks for this I do have an interest in Railways and I guess I was a bit of an anorak in my youth🤪

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Even if Bola and McNair fit tomorrow, I wouldn't change a winning team which has the potential to have some confidence and take the risk of aggravating their injuries further. Start them on the bench and if the game isn't going our way then change it.

Strangely confident going into tomorrow even before the forest result and im going with a 2-0 win . I just think there's so much to lose with a negative result and performance tomorrow.


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I'm buzzing for tomorrow's game simply because I want to see Sporar live, he looked a class above vs Forest with his touch and movement haven't seen a striker like that at the Riverside since JFH.

Reckon we could see a few goals I'm going 3-1 Boro, looking forward to seeing Siliki as well he's looked off the pace but I like the way he gets around if he can add some sharpness to his passing he could run games even from picking up second balls from our hoofs I think he could be effective.

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28 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

Bloody hell, you've changed your tune!  You were on a bit of a downer earlier in the week?

I always thought we were going to get beat by Forest and then win this Saturday.... I'm over the moon to be proved wrong on Tuesday and hopefully we get a result tomorrow.


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13 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

Excited for this one, feeling strangely positive after just one win.

Hopefully a good crowd, good atmosphere and good performance.

Yes would be good to get The Riverside "rocking" today.

Ruthless and precise please Boro

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12 hours ago, Changing Times said:

Without knowing who has eaten what for breakfast, I'm unwilling to make any predictions.  If any of the Boro lads are reading this, make sure you get your snacks in 45 mins time as well 💪

3 Shredded Wheat for everyone!

Or failing that Weetabix will do.


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  • Downsouth changed the title to Boro V Blackpool 1-2 (Tavernier)

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    • Yeah I didn't think Gary went after Boro at all. Deluded sheep botherers heard one soundbite in isolation and decided that he did for some reason.  He was more asking how as a football community have we got into this situation... How has someone like Morris been allowed to do this. And how can we stop it happening again? 
    • I’m surprised that they still allowed tickets to be sold without announcing some form of checks for this match. It’s not like it wasn’t going to be popular....
    • I think Gary Neville's statement was really good. I thought he spoke with balance and ultimately aimed the questions at the right people, really. It's the view of football in this country and how we manage that situation. He said clubs should be like listed buildings and in one respect I agree as the culture and history of football is huge in this country. But also, you can't afford the government to look out for them when they're also ran by massive risk-taking owners. Which is why we have a Fit & Proper test and FFP and all those things, to try and protect the clubs from the people who run them. But whilst those things only provide an obstacle that these bell ends can overcome, you aren't really protecting anything. And whilst football clubs are like other businesses, that legitimises our claim because Derby have been run like a regular business, not like a club that cares about staying alive. And when the crap hits the fan, they want all the protection in the world, they want MPs to stand up for them, they want local media to challenge us because we're being ***, they only want to pay 25% of their deferred bloody tax. Whilst that's the situation, we should treat them like a regular business. If they want to be treat as part of the football family, they should have acted like a part of it to begin with.
    • So by your logic are you saying certain managers don't deserve credit for certain achievements because other managers of similar ilk could POSSIBLY do the same thing?
    • tbf Gary didn't belittle the claim, he said if football is a family then the clubs would drop it, even if the claims are legitamite. He also then pointed the finger back at Mel and the administrators. It was clear he was generalising and didn't have the full facts, but he was basing his responce on what happened to Bury. However, that was a much milder screw up than Derby, so not a like for like comparison

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