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Boro v Sheffield United 2-0 (Watmore, McNair)

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I don't honestly understand how a midfielder like Payero is meant to perform when he doesn't get the ball. To both @KeithLambsFaxMachine and @TeaCider24, I didn't have Payero down as performing p

Slightly surprised at how chipper people seem to be after last night.  Not in terms of the result obviously, but the game was much like any other we've had since Warnock has been here.  You'd think af

It must be really tough on Payero. A Young lad thousands of miles away from family and friends and from all the familiar things he grew up with, even the smells of Cooking that will all be different t

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4 hours ago, TeaCider24 said:

That press conference has just irritated me more.

All the foreign players are getting dropped and Howson is doing the work of 10 men.

I lost count on Saturday the number of times Payero seemed unsure whether to press the ball or look for a man or 🤷🏻‍♂️ The lad looked totally confused with the marking system. The lads who have been here longer, including Howson, look only marginally more comfortable with it. To be fair every defensive CM in the country can be reasonably sure that the right full back is behind him covering the right, the left full back to his left, and the centre backs in the middle. No such luck for Johnny unless he develops eyes in the back oh his head. What they must think when they see Peltier for example, galloping towards our left wing is anybody’s guess. It’s bugger all to do with the demands of the Championship and getting up to speed with the physicality etc. It’s coming to terms with our bloody stupid tactics which they have never seen before and likely never will again 😡

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i'm really fearful of this game, Jokanovic plays really expansive fluid football and if we are trying to man mark we are going to get torn apart. 

Remember when we supposedly wanted Jokanovic and ended up with "best candidate" Woodgate? It feels like we are now at the top of that same manager circle again - a dinosaur who isn't getting results stage. 

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7 hours ago, TeaCider24 said:

Of course it matters how you get results.

We beat Forest despite playing poorly because Forest were awful, and we were then shown up in the next two matches.

If their 3 wins in 4 were against very poor sides in and around the relegation zone, and they struggled against one of them with a man advantage, then it might be a sign that they're not actually that good.

I'm fairly sure they'll finish above us this season, as you'd expect with their squad and manager, but I'm not overly threatened by their recent results.

Very true, but if ever there was a team you'd want to play to turn things around...or keep a run going...it would be us. ☹️

We may have some decent players but right now it looks like they can't (or don't want to) do what Warnock is asking of them.


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5 hours ago, Erimus 63 said:

Win or lose, the crowds reaction will probably be the most interesting feature of  Warnock's debacle. So it's got a draw written all over it.


Unfortunately, I don't think the crowd will turn even if we do lose. There's a significant amount of our fanbase that really chime with Warnock and think he's still the right man. The forum-going, twitter-using section of our fanbase isn't really representative of it as a whole I don't think.

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The team he will go for and a big 2 finger salute to Scott and Gibson for the signings of Sporar, Siliki and Payero :


    Peltier, Hall, Fry, Bola;

      Howson, McNair;

Watmore, Crooks, Tavernier;



If he goes with this team tonight and we dont get a result, then surely SURELY pressure will have to come from Gibson going into the international break.


The team i would like to see and go back to basics with a rigid 4-4-2 formation : (Mcnair and Payero just to sit deep)


Peltier   Fry  Hall   Bola

Tavernier Mcnair Payero Jones

       Uche  Sporar


When results and performances are not going your way, its vitally important to go back to basics and play rigidly to ensure you dont keep get cutting apart especially in midfield.

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    • Yes I totally agree. He’s already admitted he could have put Fry on but even if he doesn’t we have a forward on the bench and there’s 7 minutes left why not put him on with Forss instead of playing a midfielder out of position.     what a total kick in the balls that result is, feels like a defeat. 
    • hopefully in the next week there's gonna be a few surprises.. I mean, wasn't wilder on about 4 new players?
    • I don't think we're signing a right sided central defender.
    • signed 3 free transfers and 3 loans.. only paid actual cash money for 2 strikers, both of which have been referred to as being 'ones for the future', and combined fee's for both mount to 1/5 of what we've received from Spence & Tavernier. So obviously our main striker is yet to be bought. As far as I can tell so far, we've mainly just been covering the players that have exited the club after last season. So yeah, the club need to pull their finger out. Wilder clearly also wants/needs an LCB that will work with his system. Then if he's decided to play McNair as a CM this season, imo we need an RCB that fits wilders tactics better than Dijksteel. tbh I think McNair should be a great RCB in Wilder's style though, so if he's just covering in CM atm and will go back to RCB, then we need another CM imo, probably a proper out and out defensive one. So I'm gonna say.. 3. 3 actual proper signings, that show a genuine ambition to get promoted - there's £20m still in the kitty just from the money we've made from sales..
    • They only had the chance to lob in the box because we gave it away sloppily. Overall we were brilliant and should’ve been up at least 3 or 4 by then. 

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