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Introducing Chris Wilder MOTM (Man of the Moment)

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13 minutes ago, BoroSmoggie said:

And I’m not sure why. Got Sheffield promoted playing exciting, expansive football. 

Probably because he’s not some random foreign manager with an ‘exciting’ name. 

It's more the apparent lack of planning - Wilder is selected now because he is unemployed and because Barnsley and whoever else are interested.

If NW made it to the end of the season, I don't think Wilder is in the running. If he was top of our list, why have we waited so long to approach him? We could have had him in the summer.

It feels knee jerk, rather than considered, long term thinking.

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Are people.really having a go about us appointing an experienced, promotion winning, club record beating manager being put in charge above a former player who does have pedigree, but zero experience?

In terms of pedigree, 16 months ago Wilder was runner up to Jurgen Klopp for LMA manager of the year and spoken about as one of the best English managers around for us to get him to come to manage us

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Shame it didn't work out with NW. He should have left after keeping us up and he'd have been a hero on Teesside. Just stuck around a bit too long. Now seems like he's going to be slagging us off to anyone who'll listen.

Not sure how i feel about Wilder. Did well with Shef Utd, but I was hoping after bringing Scott in that we would unearth some gem of a manager (a Karanka with slightly better man management) and be a modern, progressive club. Wilder doesn't feel all that modern or progressive. 

Cue Scott quitting in the next few days as this was all done over his head...

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3 minutes ago, Boromadman said:

wilder ? the guy who spent £42 million on mcBurnie and brewster ... no thanks . JT can p#ss off too

Apart from those signings being horrendous. You look at the signings he made and his playing squad with Sheff United, there certainly wasn't any Payeros and Sporars amongst them. 

Again just feels like the club is confused about where it wants to go.

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I personally would have wanted Mogga back but I know many would shoot that down and it ended badly last time but I will give Wilder my support. 

As for Warnock glad he had gone . Today’s interview again showed his lack of class . He has massively underachieved with this squad , regardless of what he would have everyone believe

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10 minutes ago, Smogzilla said:

I'm sure we'll here Neil's version of event on Jim Whites show at some point next week. 🙄

I’d like to hope that, when he does, everyone on here will know to take Neil’s words with a pinch of salt. We all know by now that the man is full of ***!

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1 minute ago, SouthernSmoggie said:

Hmm not excited about Wilder tbh. Took him a long time to build an (admittedly good) side at Sheff Utd.

Are we going to be that patient? How long will it take to get the players he needs for that style of play?

Didn't he take Sheffield straight up after League One? Or was it 2 years? Either way, he had to do a complete rebuild job of that club in League One and was pretty much untouchable there until it all went kaput, as it so often does at every club these days.

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2 minutes ago, SouthernSmoggie said:

Hmm not excited about Wilder tbh. Took him a long time to build an (admittedly good) side at Sheff Utd.

Are we going to be that patient? How long will it take to get the players he needs for that style of play?

He got them from League One to the Prem within 3 seasons. Barring back to back promotions he couldn't have done it any quicker! 

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    • So important.  Wilder totally justified in his comments about Crooks being first choice and Payero having that as a barrier.  But the importance of team spirit and bond will be crucial.  Injuries/suspensions will likely come into play and feel for the first time in a while we are trying to ensure we have cover in all areas of the pitch that have the attributes we highlight as being required for them. 
    • I wouldn't equate the difference between our combined abilities from season start to end, within our club from the top down, to being like they were on performance enhancing drugs compared to us. They cheated but I don't think that suddenly made them or their squad in any way better than ours. That summer window was quite possibly the worst we've seen since relegation, too. There is so much about that year that fills me with dread to think about because we handled it so badly from start to end. Derby spending beyond their means didn't, or perhaps shouldn't have, affected us anywhere near as much as we seem to claim it has.
    • Clearly Payero does feel involved and that bodes so well, even Paddy went up to him. Real bond developing it seems
    • Not sure I agree with that. If it was a race and we were leading Derby until the final lap and then tripped over our own shoelaces, and that that's the only reason they finished ahead of us, obviously it's our fault that we didn't beat them. But if it then turned out that Derby were on performance enhancing drugs they'd have been disqualified even though it was ultimately our own actions that cost us the race. Obviously their massive coordinated cheating of FFP would be the performance enhancing drugs.   Pulis *** up massively to cost us a play-off spot that looked assured, but the only team that was even close to us outside of the top 5 was a Derby side that cheated consistently. Even after our 6 defeats in a row, the team in 8th finished 3 points behind us, the team in 9th was 7 points behind.
    • Jordan had said he'd spoken to people at all ends, I think. Gibson, Morris and the administrator. He seems to count all as either decent people or friends but had stuff to say about Morris' handling of it. He also said knowing Gibson as long as he has, he wouldn't make a fuss about something were there not some justification for it. For me personally, the big thing is looking back at the season in question. Thinking we should be due any kind of compensation for that season is hard. It entirely fits in with the narrative Pulis had after his last game, the whole 'finishing 7th better than 5th the year before'. I have a hard time accepting that finish was anything but our own fault but in fighting this case, we are saying it is in some way Derby's because of their cheating. I don't honestly think there's enough there in sporting terms to suggest they put themselves in a significantly difficult position to best and Pulis was certainly getting paid enough to justify him doing better with the squad we had. But that's just the emotional side of it for me. Reading what Rob Nichols told us and what Jordan has said certainly opens your eyes to how essentially evil the situation remains from a Derby perspective. I still hate Morris for what he's done and I hate the idea they could fight their way out of their situation this season or even look remotely rosy next season. I don't want them to disappear, I'll feel some sense of relief if/when they get bought. But so long as they reach that stage, I'll have them under my own 'intense scrutiny'.

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