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Introducing Chris Wilder MOTM (Man of the Moment)

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Are people.really having a go about us appointing an experienced, promotion winning, club record beating manager being put in charge above a former player who does have pedigree, but zero experience?

In terms of pedigree, 16 months ago Wilder was runner up to Jurgen Klopp for LMA manager of the year and spoken about as one of the best English managers around for us to get him to come to manage us

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Think we’d all agree that the plan seemed to be for NW to get us through this season and then for KS to bring in his coach for next season. Maybe he’s already identified Das Wonder Coach and he’s the preferred choice but if he’s not available right now, the club had a decision to make. Soldier on with NW and risk further friction and unrest in the club or to accept that the master plan is going to have some wrinkles along the way, find an interim solution that can work with the squad, introduce a style of football that’s better aligned with the direction that the club is moving and who can accept working with a DoF overlord. 

For me if it is Wilder, he is not the long-term solution and he probably won’t have been first choice for anybody at the club. He’s a necessary appointment for addressing the growing issue that was NW and somebody who can move us further forward along the plan towards the promised land.

Ever grateful to NW for saving us from the disaster that was JW and almost certain League 1 football but this is the best for everybody. 

Few posters talking about NW and his ego… yeah, anybody who has a bronzed statue of themself on a park bench in their back garden has too big of an ego!

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4 hours ago, DevKWat said:

Didn’t DZ say there was talk of Wilder taking it until the end of the season? I would like us to go for Farke instead personally but seems it’s already done 

I can't see why Wilder would take any job that short term. There would be nothing in it for him. He's not an old head like Warnock, who would take a short term job to help out a mate, nor is he a young manager trying to prove himself and happy to have any sort of chance.

If his contract is anything ending sooner than summer 2023, I'd be surprised.  

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I’ll admit, it’s not the appointment I wanted. I was, like most on here, hoping for an exciting foreign appointment to come in and have us play progressive, possession based football. 

However, we must remember that this squad has had the football coached out of them. It is very difficult to take a group of players who have been drilled to play negative, long ball football and immediately get them playing attractive football. We only have to look back to what happened when we assigned Woodgate with the task of making us more attractive to watch with a Pulis coached squad. And although you can rightly point to Woodgate’s inexperience as a manager as the reason why that experiment quickly deteriorated, I think there is a case that trying to change too much too quickly can lead to disaster. 

Wilder may be a smarter choice. I hope that, if appointed, Wilder can build long term success here, but if nothing else he can hopefully act as a stepping stone to a better style of football.


Without doubt, Wilder plays a more progressive and attacking style of football than Warnock (not hard) but he’s not so far the other way that transition will cause major issues.


In terms of pedigree, I don’t think there’s a manager with a better CV that we could currently attract. He has been successful at every club he has been at. He has recent history of getting promoted from this league as well as keeping a team in the Premier League on a budget (albeit that came crashing down pretty quickly in their second season up there). He plays much more attacking football than what we have been subjected to recently. And he comes across as a likeable man. 

I think my biggest question mark over the appointment is where he fits in with the Kieran Scott model. I have been really excited about the Scott experiment ever since the news broke in the summer. If Wilder is truly Scott’s choice then I am all for it. However, if this is Gibson already interfering with Scott’s plans then I’m afraid it will all be destined to end in tears. 

Time will tell I suppose… hopefully we will find out more about the recruitment process when Wilder is officially announced. 

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I just had a watch of this and he comes across as the kind of man open to different situations, has regrets about how he handled his time at Sheffield United at the end and yet admits he is in the position to be selective now. There's reason to watch this and believe the man is open to working under the structure we want given that we have a bunch of things he wants out of a club already, i.e. a decent group of players and especially the quality of the facilities.


Was also watching a Tifo vid about the Sheffield United approach during his time there, from the first season in the Prem. And basically, I hope he brings Alan Knill with him and that him taking up the role with Wales doesn't prevent him from coming in too. Or else we could end up with another Monk/Clotet situation.


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I was a bit surprised when I heard Warnock was gone but so relieved we don’t have to watch his team for the rest of the season. 

I’m not wildly excited by Wilder but I am optimistic and hopeful he can come in and get us playing some proper football for the first time in years. Really looking forward to the next match now, two bloody weeks wait! 

oh and what a typical Warnock interview. I do think the guy is genuinely deluded and really believes we’ve been unlucky and a couple of extra lumps he wanted to sign would have made a difference. 

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6 hours ago, Rat catcher said:

Let's hope the next manager gets us playing some decent football. As we have endured dross for far too long. Will be interesting how a new manager sets us up. I also hope our list of injuries improve as we constantly have a full house of stiffs. 

maybe the injured plays will make miraculous recoveries on hearing the news warnock and his boys have gone.  

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I'm probably more positive about Wilder after having a night's sleep. He does seem to play more attractive football and his CV is up there.

Still hate wingbacks. 

The biggest thing for me though is how we've communicated where we want to go in the transfer market. From what I can see Wilder was essentially Dyche light, only signing championship standouts for big money. We all seen how that worked out for him at Sheff United. I hope the club has made it quite clear of the new approach and they are all on the same page otherwise I can't see anything other than problems.



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6 hours ago, LinoJo3 said:

I also think gibson will keep Leo around simply because (at least from the outside) he seems fiercely loyal and someone you can trust. I think those are rare qualities in football.

He better, Leo's Boro through and through.  I know you can't have sentiment in business and i don't even know how good he is but after everything he's been through he came back here because i believe he (bizarrely) needs to be at MFC. 

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Introducing Chris Wilder MOTM (Man of the Moment)

I have waited a little bit before posting just to gather thoughts as wasnt sure how to feel about Chris wilder yesterday over Neil Warnock. I feel like Warnock similarly to Mowbray in his last season with us, before he got fired, never got the maximum of the players he had but we must not forget we went from 22nd in the league to a comfortable mid table club under his leadership so we cant be too harsh on his tenure. We just failed to progress this season, had we done so and been in the playoffs or just on the fringe I believe this would have been a different ending. 

Moving onto to Wilder I think fans will be initially disappointed he doesn't strike me as a person who will make an instant impact, I do believe this will be a 2-3 season project in order to get us back in the premier league. However the good news is I think he will try change our brand of football from hoof to playing it on the ground, I believe that will give him time with the crowd if the players prove capable of doing that. 




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