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New book about Redcar's footballing history

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Hi guys,

Hope this is allowed. 

I've written a new book called The Famous Yorkshiremen: The Forgotten History of Redcar's Footballing Pioneers, which is available to pre-order now at www.redcarfootball.com

It should be of particular interest to Boro fans as Middlesbrough were the old Redcar and Coatham team's fiercest rivals, and it's not unfair to say that their tussles in the 1870s and 1880s was the catalyst that saw football explode as a spectator sport in Teesside during this period, thanks in no small part to the two teams facing each other in five consecutive Cleveland Challenge Cup finals. 

It also includes a lot of Boro legends who spent time at Redcar, including Tim Williamson and George Elliott. 

Anyway, please check it out if it sounds like your kind of thing. Christmas is approaching and it would make a good present!





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