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Boro vs Peterborough 2-0 (McNair (pen) Coburn)

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I don't know if anyone else was close by or saw that but I was coming down the stairs in the North for the build up to that second goal. Payero sets up Coburn and we should be saying first and foremos

New from JML this Christmas - Neil Warnock Boro Bingo!  Love Bingo? Love watching your football team completely fail to deliver when it matters? Love listening to the post-match interview with th

This was the moment, some of it fortunately captured:  

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39 minutes ago, Redcar Rioja said:

Problem is which Boro?

I've gone for a (Middles)Boro win, more out of hope than expectation.

But it really does depend on whether our lads are in the mood for it or not...plus how much Warnock rants at the officials.

Pretty desperate, isn't it? ☹️


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I had a few quid in my betting account. Stuck it on 3-0 to Peterborough at 51/1. I just have a bad feeling that we will have worked on nothing in the break and Peterborough will win the fight and the players will simply give up when going 0-2 down. At that point I’m just hoping for a “sacked in the morning” chant. I’m not proud of saying stuff like that but I just want him gone and start afresh. 

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Is Warnock plain lying when he says the players have had 2 solid weeks training? It seems pretty obvious most weren't in until the Thursday of the 1st week and Payero for example has only been back for a week?


I really hope Scott has got this in hand and just giving him enough rope but is starting to get a grip behind the scenes. If not it doesn't bode well for him being in charge of all football side of things.

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21 minutes ago, SmogDane said:

So, defenders you say  ... 

Bamba to play three times 90 minutes within a week .. yeah! 


Youngster, Bamba, Paddy, Youngster 

Howson, Siliki 

Tav, Sporar, Jones 


Strange how our fittest and least injury-prone player seems to be a 36-year-old who will likely join the coaching staff next season.


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3 hours ago, Uwe said:

I’ve put Boro in my accy today. So I will apologise in advance for the crushing defeat 🤦‍♂️

Why the odds were terrible haha odds on for a team in dire form with no fit defenders!  4/6 boro win and 15/3 for Peterborough to win. I was so tempted to put posh on but I couldnt bring myself to do it.  

They were what I seen on skybet this morning like.

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19 minutes ago, Skinemrippers said:

Got a feeling we will score a few today. Attack the best form of defence and all that. 4-2 to Boro 

This is probably our only hope. Carving out a 1-0 win seems unlikely in the extreme.

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Boro vs Peterborough 2-0 (McNair (pen) Coburn)

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