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freesat....info and recomendation help

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so,im finally about to ditch sky its way too expensive. the alternatives leave me with 3 options , talk talk , good vfm but ive been there before and vowed never to return, Now looks interesting but im drawn to freesat seeing that i will likely have a sky dish and cable still attached. i need help as i dont want to buy the wrong apparatus. has anyone got this or can recomend a good set up box.   bt is not much different to sky in price and virgin isnt an option due to not being cable ready area. 

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They've got a freesat box in the holiday cottage I'm staying in at the minute funnily enough. I can't help you much as I obviously didn't install it, but it works fine and has enough channels on. 

The box they have is just a cheap manhatten one, but it works fine. If I were you I'd just read some reviews on the best box to buy and go for it. 

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