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Boro vs Barnsley 2-0 (Sporar, Crooks)

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42 minutes ago, Leesider said:

Hope you dont sound like Katie Taylor! Strange accent that but i wouldnt say that to her face

No not quite I‚Äôm more the posh south Dublin accent ūüėÉ but agreed, definitely wouldn‚Äôt say it to her face ūüėā

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The issue that Tav has is everything he tries is ambitious and pretty high variance, so he's going to look like a genius at times and a greedy so and so at others.  But the thing that's great abo

Crooks looked great in that deeper midfield role. His footwork and intelligence with the ball is really under rated. I was disappointed with Tav again. It looks more and more like he's playing for him

Regardless of Warnock, our style of play and our hopes for the season I have to say after the past few games I am delighted we picked up Bamba. Not only a dressing room influence, but a reliable leade

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6 hours ago, Neverbefore said:

Interesting that you criticise one player for his greed/decision making and then excuse another's due to his age. There are 3 months between the two. I realise you probably meant experience levels since Tav has been around the team for longer, but they still are very much both very young players. 

Tav gets such a hard ride, like a lot of the other young players we have in the team (Spence the obvious one). His shooting was wild last night but he was still our most consistently dangerous player and constantly found himself space and got in good positions. He's got more to add to our game but he doesn't deserve all the criticism he gets imo. 

It’s not necessarily criticism (the way I see him), it’s more frustration. He has everything to be one of the best players in the league. He just needs to improve his end product. Personally think he should be getting double figures for goals and assists every season with relative ease with the ability he has. It’s great that he’s a threat and getting in shooting positions, but unless he actually improves his end product it’s not really helping the team. Just think he could really reach that next level with a bit of composure. Saying that, if he did improve his composure, he’d be a premier league player - quite easily.

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4 hours ago, liambell42 said:

Anyone else think.howson was solid yesterday? Got into some good positions with the ball and made some good tackles/passes 

I actually think he’s improved significantly since he was dropped for that one game a while back. 

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7 hours ago, Leesider said:

I know what you mean,In ireland Niamh is pronounced Neeve & Siobhain pronounced Shivaan! Lee Mack did a brilliant sketch on it. 

I have a cousin called Ruaraidh (Rory), Gaelic names get proper wacky!

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I think Tav is what he is, a skilled footballer with good ball control but lacking a footballing brain which has held him back from making the next grade. He is useful and can beat defenders but you never get off your seat watching him and when he lines up to shoot nobody expects him to score indeed it's probably more a case of wondering just how far off target it's going to end up.

For me the problem is supporters having unrealistic expectations from him. He's 22 years old, his "development" is behind him, at best he might hone what he has but I would be amazed if he suddenly became a world beater. He has reached his level, with maturity he may refine some flaws but his decision making is the weakest part of his game and if your head isn't telling you what you should do in the next phase of play at 22 then it isn't going to change anytime soon. 

In short he is decent at this level, no more no less, with a tendency to believe his own hype which I suspect is one of the main drivers behind such poor decision making.  


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The best way I can think of Tav is if he was as good at shooting as he thinks he must be then he would be a 20 goal a season midfielder.

I wouldn't take him out of this team at all, he's far too good for us and this team, he contributes plenty more than just a daft shot here and there throughout a game. Decision making is the one thing, the only thing in my mind that holds him back from being ready for the top level.

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7 hours ago, Leesider said:

I agree with you, i dont get any hint of an Irish accent at all, By the way we have dozens of accents as well, I sound nothing like my fellow Corkman Roy Keane for example ( Thank God). 

I think it was Patrick Kielty who once said that when non-Irish do Irish impersonations, its always the Cork accent they imitate.¬†ūüėĀ

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In Tavs defence, what attacking coaches has he had to work with over the last few years? 

Warnock, Pulis and Woodgate were hardly known for their attacking prowess. I’d say Robbie Keane would have taught him a thing or two but at 22 you can always develop and I’m sure with more chances he would get more composure. 

Id probably say that the whole team could do with a prolonged period of dominance in games to get some more composure and match practice at shooting. Last nights game showed how in the final third we are so nervous in my opinion. Not just Tav but everyone. 

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On 10/19/2021 at 9:28 AM, Denzel Zanzibar said:

1. Will Warnock keep the same team as Saturday?

What Warnock should do is obvious. What Warnock will do is anyone's guess.

2. Does Josh Coburn deserve a start?

No. One goal isn't going to convince anyone he should be an instant starter. Sporar/Watmore for me. Definitely bring him on around the 60 min mark, though.

3. Are you feeling any more positive about the season after the win against Peterborough?

No, because it was a lucky win against a terrible team.

4. Howson or Crooks as a 6?

Howson for me, Crooks should be up alongside Payero. Put Payero in the number 10 position and let him play.

5. Starting 11?


          Bamba, McNair, Peltier

Tavernier                               Jones


               Crooks    Payero

            Watmore     Sporar

6. What's the best brand of crisps?


7. Should Payero be starting most games after a good showing against Peterborough?

Of course he should. If only Leo were manager, he'd be the first name on the teamsheet...

I like the Idea of Leo as manager When Neil retires


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