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Cardiff vs Boro 0-2 (Sporar (pen), Payero)

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Payero could nutmeg a mermaid

Hey there, thanks for letting me join. 👍 As @Downsouth mentioned, I run the Cardiff City Forum (I'd like to post the link to our match thread so you guys can see what's being said from our POV b

Bit of positive news Ref our fans 👏👏👏

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17 minutes ago, Downsouth said:

For a while I thought I was but as I was the only one signed in and responding to others and adding stuff to the thread my initial lonliness complex went away😉

Also very keen to maintain average posts per MDT, however very pleased with this one as I had thought it would be a much lower count

I think if we can keep this form up and start looking like playoff candidates more people will be posting.

The previous results sometimes have an effect on things, but just imagine how different things would look if the awful results against Blackpool and Hull had been different.

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3 minutes ago, mj south said:

My god, I think you need to chill out pal!

Are you Warnocks wife?

Not me that needs to chill, I am perfectly in tune with reality, unlike some Boro fans who seem to forget the recent past, our financial waste, huge turnover in players due to wastage caused by our board members, under Monk and Pulis in particular where Warnock is trying to make a silk purse from a sows ear. Fans need to apply context to results. 

Some of our fans seem to think we have a divine right to be in the play offs or the  players are somehow robots programmed by the manager. Players are human, some are more talented than others, being human they make choices, split second decisions, mistakes occur, the right option is not always made, once they cross the line, the managers control is very limited. We are all armchair managers but some of us understand the inner workings of a football club, man management, and recruitment and retention better than others.

Warnock is leaving in May 2022, Scott will be working on the future now, it offers no guarantee of progression, just hope. We have seen many a false dawn since 2009, so while we have the manager with the best promotion record from the Championship, I think we should exercise patience. I said at the start of the season we would start slowly due to player turnover but get better and be the team that improves as the players bed in.

The January transfer window will be key. Will Scott be able to get the missing links in, to enable a sustained promotion push in the second half. I suspect if we do and get promotion fans will praise Scott and Gibson and if we don’t blame Warnock. The rush to blame the manager is rarely the right one, it is a complex mix of events when teams fail, usually triggered by a mix of all concerned from the Chairman through the management team and down to the players themselves. Fans though nearly always target the manager and rarely the real actual cause that often leaves managers working with inferior tools of the trade and one hand therefore tied behind their backs, managers are an easy scapegoat for fans, owners and players alike.

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3 wins from 3, 4 from 5. Warnock approaching something resembling consistency for only the second time since he’s been here. Obviously it’s important that these three wins were against 3 of the division’s weakest sides but it’s still nice. It’s also nice that we somehow - SOMEHOW - ended the day in 6th. 

My stance was that if Warnock doesn’t have us battling at the top of the table then he should go. His handling of Payero was also *** me off. Both of those things have changed for the better this week so I suppose he deserves more time.

The real challenge, of course, is carrying on this form against the league’s tougher sides. At the tender age of 22 I’m feeling pretty jaded with boro so once again I won’t be holding my breath but fingers crossed


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35 minutes ago, Tom said:

Great win yesterday. So happy for Bamba. A few gave him and the club dog's abuse when he came in. It's nice to see him prove them wrong.

I was one of those who slated the club for bringing an "over the hill" player in.

In fairness, there aren't many guys his age who could put in the performances he's done.

Currently on my second helping of humble pie... 😉


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3 hours ago, DocMartin said:

That is just the largest load of bigoted clueless, blinkered, nonsense that I have read on this board….. ever, well done you, and I thought mince could not get thicker.

Without Warnock you’d be moaning about watching Boro v Fleetwood Town et al. People have been brainwashed into thinking he is some sort of destroyer of the beautiful game. Did you watch us under Strachan, Mowbray, Monk, Pulis Woodgate, christ, even parts of our successful time under Karanka? 

A manager is only as good as the recruitment he is allowed to bring in or in some cases has been gifted. 12 new players were brought in and the squad is still paper thin in some areas. 6 of them were free’s and 3 loans too, ie 9 players who’s clubs did not want them. He has had to experiment to find the right blend, football teams are not instantly made, it is a tad more complex than making gravy from water and some granules. 

We are seeing Payero look like the player he is because Warnock allowed him to settle in, gave him time to get used to new surroundings, the language, culture change. The kid is 7,000 miles from home. His girfriend has just joined him, he is starting to settle. Warnock is coping with the worst defensive crisis in the football league and getting results from a team you, me and everyone on here would have winced at at the start of the season. Warnock is getting results and the interview with Sporar showed how together the squad is thanks to Warnock and his staff. We have won 4 out of the last 5, yes they were against teams below us, but those teams have traditionally been our banana skins in the recent past. We are a team in form and some fans are so  myopic, they’d roll the dice and risk everything that has been built by him, we are 6th on merit, unlike Woodgate I believe the table does not lie. Yes it is all very tight and we need to ride our luck, but changing the manager would be like putting a 24 yr old in charge of the armoury on a film set.

Supporters should be grateful we have him right now. I suppose if you managed to get him out at least the experienced McCarthy is available….. some people need to be careful what they wish for.


Morning Mr Warnock thank you for your defence (of yourself). Thought your team did you proud yesterday has our new DOF had a quiet word in your ear about playing the new signings and reeling in the rhetoric with the officials as you were much improved yesterday. Possibly the consequences of not towing the company line over transfer policy we’re made clear, anyway enjoy your Sunday 

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Lumley -7. Did ok when called upon, palmed a shot straight into the centre but saved the follow up. No nonsense kicking.

Bamba - 9. Rock. Actually decent passing too. Lack of pace and mobility highlighted if isolated but he drops the line back brilliantly to compensate that. 

Howson - 9. Defensively solid and a threat going forward. Showed experience a few times when younger faster players were trying to take him on. The Boros James Milner. Best crosser at the club?

Mcnair - 8 - very solid performance. Nearly got robbed in defense by over complicating things. No desire to see him back in cm.

Peltier - 7.5 - quicker than I thought he would be. Decent full back. Think he lost his man once to give them a free chance but solid otherwise.

Hernandez - 7 - solid if not unspectacular display. Cant remember him doing anything brilliant or poor. 

Tav - 8 - carries the team forward and put some dangerous balls in. Cut down on the shooting and he will improve vastly. Great defensive effort.

Crooks - 5 - another good display. Showing he is much more than just a big lump. However didnt get booked so cost me £80.

Payero -8 - getting better each week. His ball striking technique is sound, would like to see him have a good at a few free kicks. Looks like defensively his mind slows around 70 mins in. So happy things are looking up for him.

Uche - 8 - great effort and hold up play. Can see he is desperate to score which affected his decision making around the box. Should have released Hernandez down the left in first half instead of dribbling towards him. Has a very comical full effort sprint.

Sporar - 9 - great movement and effort. Probably needs to learn a trick to more effectively get the ball out of feet and away/past the defender to make goals for himself at times.

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Didn't watch the game as I'm still not fussed on whether we win or lose games under Warnock, but you can't argue with 3 2-0 wins in a row, regardless of the opposition. I still dont think we'll make play offs as I think we'll go back to inconsistency when we start playing better teams again, but I'm delighted with sporar and payero getting game time and proving worthy of it - they'll both be very important to the future of this club so it was vital that we got them integrated sooner rather than later, so credit to Warnock for that. 

On bamba, my criticism in the summer was that he wouldn't be able to play 3 games a week all season if we got long term injuries and so we needed someone we could be sure could manage that as well. He's done that this week, and to a high level - fair play to him. I still think it's a valid criticism that we should have got someone else in too though, so not really changing my opinion on that bit of business. 

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Controversial moment, we’ve looked better with Bamba in defence and I’d rather have him there than Fry 👀

I think not having McNair and Howson in midfield together really has made us a bit more dynamic going forward. Obviously Warnocks hand has been forced into playing Payero but maybe just maybe Warnock has accidentally stumbled on a good formula? 

I think Crooks has been superb in CDM as well. Maybe him and Bamba were the heroes we didn’t realise we needed. 

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I thought Bamba would be OK as a 4th/5th choice CB but my word the performances I've witnessed him put in from Sheff U onwards have been unbelievable. His timing is spot on and even at his age he still seems to react quickest when defending our box for me he stays in our team ahead of Hall when both are fit.

Underrated factor in our form picking up I think is how many attacking players we are fielding teams can not cope by simply double teaming Jones/Tav, keeping Crooks from 2nd balls and containing Ikpeazu it just isn't a viable plan anymore. They now have to worry about Crooks and McNair creeping from deep, Payero moving around between the lines, Tav cutting in, Hernandez/Jones attacking the byline and then we have 2 strikers to occupy your CBs - we must be a nightmare to play against.

Could make a case that Warnock's fielding the most attacking Boro lineups since Monk's days of playing 4 strikers...

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3 hours ago, Riverside94 said:

Look.. I get we have underperformed in games this season. But, getting rid of Warnock may not help.

The grass isn’t always greener, look at Cardiff since he’s left there and where they are now. 

we had Woodgate and look what Warnock did to turn us around after that. It could be when he leaves there’s a massive period where we are adapting to a new manager and style and may go backwards before we go forwards (Woody) so careful what we wish for.

On another note, Howson playing some of the best football I’ve seen him play in a boro shirt. Maybe Pulis knew what he was doing playing him RB 😂


Getting rid of Warnock mid-season was always unlikely...unless we were in a genuine relegation battle.

I think that even if you don't like his brand of football, you should still hope he does a decent enough job to allow his successor to come in next Summer, without any pressure or firefighting to be done.

3 wins on the trot against struggling teams who are in even worse shape than we are, isn't quite proof he's turned the corner, but given our injuries and makeshift teams, we could easily have lost them (as we did at Hull).

I'm sure this winning streak has been a pleasant surprise (and relief) to us all. The lads do seem to finally be gelling and becoming a team, rather than a collection of individuals. Lets hope they're up to the tougher challenges ahead.


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The run of wins is welcome but the quality of the opposition has to be factored in, it shows that the squad is better than the dregs of the Championship so we should be safe but we haven't turned any corners yet.

Overall there appears to be surprise reasons for small shoots of optimism, McNair and Bamba look a much better pairing than Hall and Fry at the back, Payero and Crooks look to be a far more positive and exciting midfield pairing. Sporar looks to be a quality Striker at this level and supported by Watmore or Ikpeazu we seem to finally have a threat up front. 

How much of this renaissance is down to the genius of Warnock is open to debate. The defensive and midfield changes were forced upon him, the style of play may have come as a consequence of those changes or may indeed have been clever management. The opinions of fans and support shifting negatively may have had an influence and a kick up the backside and influenced to a degree, I doubt we will ever know until the memoirs come out in a few years time.

Sitting in the 6th Play Off spot is undoubtedly far more than most of us imagined a few short weeks ago. The fact that Goal Difference alone is the differentiator between 5th and 11th place means we need to make sure we are capable of kicking on.

The fixture list now starts to toughen up a bit, Warnock now has to prove that his side can compete against more formidable opposition and still get results. The feel good factor presently around the Club has to be a great foundation for him to build upon, lets hope he can prove the doubters wrong and finish his career in the manner he originally envisaged.

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    • I pulled up the Echo on Fry’s rating and Scott Wilson said that Fry got pulled at half time. Didn’t really offer any additional insight into his reasons for giving a 5/10. I thought Fry was very good albeit his distribution was a little ‘impatient’ at times.
    • Is it not more Fry has told him he cant play there with his performances in the pre season games and cup game on Wednesday? He has been given a decent chunk of minutes to prove aptitude in the role.
    • I think Wilder certainly prefers Lenihan probably because he’s his signing. That’s his prerogative. It all depends on whether the club are happy to let Fry leave. I don’t imagine Fry will be happy sitting on the bench but I don’t imagine Wilder will want to lose, who he see’s as, his back up centre half.
    • He’s definitely gone to ground this season a lot more than he was doing last season. Even when his attacking play tailed off last season I thought he did very well defensively. He didn’t dive in and he was very difficult for any opposition to beat. Not sure why he’s diving in so much this season but hopefully he gets back to how he defended previously.    much like people are calling for a bit of patience with Lenihan after his not great start for us I think Jones deserves that too. Not really sure why some fans dig him out so often. 
    • Wilder as a problem, both Fry and Lenahan can't play left side CB , I think Fry has told him he's not playing there , he's refusing hence the cold shoulder , you can't blame him , his form would dip , and from being one of the better CB in the league to an average one, with less of a chance of a  premiership.move,  Is a move on now.?  

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