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Cardiff vs Boro 0-2 (Sporar (pen), Payero)

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2 minutes ago, Downsouth said:

@The Colonel see what I mean😆

His choice of words especially knowing the administrator of another forum is posting here can be questionable.

Now apologise DZ😄

I'm actually happy to hear these sort of comments, I do wonder what people think of the place, if it's user-friendly etc

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Payero could nutmeg a mermaid

Hey there, thanks for letting me join. 👍 As @Downsouth mentioned, I run the Cardiff City Forum (I'd like to post the link to our match thread so you guys can see what's being said from our POV b

Bit of positive news Ref our fans 👏👏👏

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6 minutes ago, Downsouth said:

Depends on how quickly you can authorise new members.

Maybe we could send DZ accross🙂

He is already a member and has even got a like!

Telling their forum to ignore me😝

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Hopefully Sporar is actually 100% fit. Seen so many of our players pull up with muscle issues its unreal.

Looks like we're matching Cardiff in a 3-5-2... first goal so important today. Need to get their heads down and thinking 'here we go again.' 

Don't gift them anything! 

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Cardiff vs Boro 0-2 (Sporar (pen), Payero)

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    • Payero needs more games, he was doing very well when he was playing.
    • Yeah, that is essentially what I meant, thanks. They do, and dare I say that it's possible for people to be offended by things that aren't actually offensive?  That people can choose to be offended by some things but not others, depending on who was responsible?   Well that certainly explains something because the comments I'm talking about had nothing to do with the Euros, quite some time before that actually in some cases.  Those weren't apologised for that I can remember, they weren't apologetic at all from memory.  As other people have mentioned this maybe it's worth considering that it's more than just me and my tin foil conspiracy theories.   That's it there, that's all I wanted one of you to say.  And let's say that rather than maybe not it's absolutely not, as the evidence of the past has shown. For the record, the warnings I had were for accusing someone of saying something racist, like DS did the other day, and people completely misunderstanding what I meant, and for being called a Nazi, which is absolutely bloody stupid.  I'll also add this, if you don't give other people warnings for the same behaviour then they won't have any prior warnings to require a step up, will they?  So it comes back to whether everyone is treated equally, and in my view they aren't. Appreciate you taking the time to undergo this interrogation 🙂 I hope it wasn't too stressful for you.  Thanks for being willing to respond to me.
    • I would be content with a draw v Blackburn. They are no mugs in they current form. A draw at Ewood and a win at home next week v Coventry will be a good week 
    • Big game Monday. Got to keep winning with alot around us doing the same. 
    • Obviously I sent an email to the company on that site but I wonder if it may have more weight if someone from MFC or at least MSF could follow this up? 

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