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Cardiff vs Boro 0-2 (Sporar (pen), Payero)

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2 minutes ago, Downsouth said:

@The Colonel see what I mean😆

His choice of words especially knowing the administrator of another forum is posting here can be questionable.

Now apologise DZ😄

I'm actually happy to hear these sort of comments, I do wonder what people think of the place, if it's user-friendly etc

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Payero could nutmeg a mermaid

Hey there, thanks for letting me join. 👍 As @Downsouth mentioned, I run the Cardiff City Forum (I'd like to post the link to our match thread so you guys can see what's being said from our POV b

Bit of positive news Ref our fans 👏👏👏

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6 minutes ago, Downsouth said:

Depends on how quickly you can authorise new members.

Maybe we could send DZ accross🙂

He is already a member and has even got a like!

Telling their forum to ignore me😝

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Hopefully Sporar is actually 100% fit. Seen so many of our players pull up with muscle issues its unreal.

Looks like we're matching Cardiff in a 3-5-2... first goal so important today. Need to get their heads down and thinking 'here we go again.' 

Don't gift them anything! 

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Cardiff vs Boro 0-2 (Sporar (pen), Payero)

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    • I too remember 1986, I remember the attitude of other clubs and fans to our position, punishing fans isn’t right and what the club means to them, but if you don’t enforce and punish those that break the rules then you turn professional football as a competitive and rule based competition into one where cheaters and shysters prosper. The EFL made an example out of Boro, changed their own rules to make things tougher, enforced a 100p in every pound debt repayment to all creditors football or not. Steve Gibson and others jumped through all the hoops put in front of them, paid back everyone. And now when he is demanding the same of others he branded a villain by Derby. You break the rules you take the punishment, sadly in football that can mean the end of a club. 
    • I thought the whole point was that Gibson is seeking compensation for not having a chance to play in the playoffs and therefore possibly being promoted. 
    • Lamb for dinner? No-one invited me!  
    • Like you I have absolutely no desire for them to go out of business, but what Gibson is hinting at in his open letter, and other mouthpieces in the media like Simon Jordan and Alan Nixon are saying is that something slightly more sinister is going on behind the scenes including Mel Morris still being involved and essentially leading the administrators where he wants them to go as the huge loan they have with Michael Dell is personally assured against Morris himself. 
    • And I believe that a business should only survive if they pay their debt. Especially to the public. No third person should suffer financially because Derby have blatantly cheated and spent money they didn't have.

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