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Cardiff vs Boro 0-2 (Sporar (pen), Payero)

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Payero could nutmeg a mermaid

Hey there, thanks for letting me join. 👍 As @Downsouth mentioned, I run the Cardiff City Forum (I'd like to post the link to our match thread so you guys can see what's being said from our POV b

Bit of positive news Ref our fans 👏👏👏

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22 minutes ago, DevKWat said:

Exactly what I predicted yesterday, trying not to jinx but looks like Cardiff’s lineup is giving us a big advantage. Very happy to see Morrison Nelson and Moore on their bench 

Why is that mate? Can't say I know anything about Cardiff these days. 

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Cardiff vs Boro 0-2 (Sporar (pen), Payero)

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    • No McGree, but I imagine he wouldn't have gotten a game until possibly the cup match anyway.  
    • Petition signed. There was one year my business paid more corporation tax than Vodafone (i.e. it paid some). I'm sick to the back teeth of companies thinking tax is somehow optional, or that if they shriek loudly enough, they can dodge their responsibilities. Tax provides vital funding for essential public services, and w*****s like Mel Morris think they can dodge it by playing chicken with HMRC. Huge respect to the Derby fans who crowdfunded the St John's Ambulance invoice, but it's beyond despicable that DCFC think they can get away without paying their tax bill. Honestly, if it's a straight choice between defrauding the taxpayer out of tens of millions of pounds or seeing the club drop out of the league and re-form as a phoenix, let them drop. 
    • Football fans are so fickle. The #FreeChangingTimes campaign has lost all of its momentum for the shiny new #LiquidateDerby movement. 
    • our performance has nothing to do with the Derby's cheating. so there is no point to that article. the only fact that matters is that we finished 7th, 1 pt behind a Derby team that have admitting failing FFP across a number of seasons, and thus should have been deducted points in that year.   that is all, - Derby cheated, lied about cheating and delayed the process to escape punishment in a number of seasons.   When a sprinter finishes 2nd in a race to a drug cheat, does it matter if the person finishing 2nd could have run faster?

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