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The January Transfer Window thread 2022 - That's all folks!

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Thing that’s *** me off with this Tav talk is the disrespect from our fans on social media and forums, more so social media but I have seen comments today like ‘ I will drive him there’ in regards to

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3 minutes ago, nunthorpered said:

Might have changed but this was from before Wilder put him up front 

He's doing a job up front but isn't natural there. Makes sense for him to go back and free up a space.

Does anyone know if Wood is eligible for Sheff United? Would be interesting to see if he is on the bench over Hall. If so would confirm Hall on way out.

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4 minutes ago, nunthorpered said:

Might have changed but this was from before Wilder put him up front 

I guess if we need someone to play upfront then we're better off swapping him for a striker. 

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If we have 1 space currently in squad, that means we can bring in connelly without anyone leaving.

I imagine Wilder will want all the squad allocations filled. So if we are likely to send Stojanovic out, but bring sol brynn back that's a straight swap.

JLS's loan is likely to be terminated, so will need a left footed midfielder = Riley Mcrgree?

Hernandez isn't a striker and as likeable as he is I can't see where he fits in our system, so another striker in.

Hall out = Nathan Wood? But he's under 23 and doesn't take up an allocation? So possibly another CB coming in. 

Uche out? 

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16 hours ago, GrimsbyBoro said:

Do we?

I know every is excited about Scott but what’s his track record? 

He was in a different role at Norwich with different responsibilities. How do they translate to this new role?

Have the scouting team at Norwich done that good of a job? With two attempts and premier league money they have built a team that will be relegated without a fight. 

If Silki, Payero and Sporar are Scott signings they haven’t exactly set the world on fire.

Well the first two haven't had the chance, have they? 

They barely got a look in under Warnock, who insisted on a brand of football they are ill suited to. They aren't getting a look in now because the team is actually functioning pretty well without them. So its a case of "what ifs" with them.

Sporar is the only one of the three who has really had opportunities and failed to really shine.


Scott was Head of Recruitment at Norwich...which granted is different to being a Sporting Director, but still means he has experience of scrutinising potential signings.

Norwich, for reasons unknown, haven't been able to make that step-up to maintain their PL status, but they have walked the Championship the last 2 seasons they were in it. Thats still a step up from where Boro are now.

Similarly Wilder may not be an indisputable genius when it comes to spotting talent...but he's a damn sight better than the two previous incumbents.


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2 minutes ago, nunthorpered said:

Between us and Forest for Balogun although one of the "top relegated teams" from last year might have a nibble.

WBA should be all over him but seem far more concerned with getting Ismael's man Dike.


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1 hour ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:


Fingers crossed it works out, because this is a serious gamble. We risk completely destroying the togetherness of the squad.

I think that's a bit of a stretch, where's the evidence that he's a disruptive influence to other players? If he's coming here he has my full support. 

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I think he is worth taking a punt on. The lad has talent and maybe has a bit of growing up to do, but most of us did at that age and we learnt our lessons. It might be that a change of scenery works for him, and knowing that the ice beneath his feet is a little thinner could wake him up. As far as I am concerned, he has a clean slate with us but unless he is really dense, he must realise that this is a very important time in his career and could make a very big difference in the future and he has to keep his nose clean and head down, so it is up to him. Hope it works out and we get another Watmore. We have some strong characters in the squad now so that can only help him. All in his hands, so let's be positive and hope it works out


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