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Boro vs Birmingham 0-2

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Middlesbrough FC vs Birmingham City FC                                                                                  Saturday 30th October – 3:00 pm                                             

Out of all the reasons, one is most important - appointment of Agnew when we still had a good chance of staying up. We threw in the towel with however many number of games left to go with that decisio

Mate it’s against 3 of the poorest teams in the league. The issue is that time and time again Warnock has shown that he can’t cut it anymore against better teams.  Why did he change a winning side a

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Really hope Friend is on the bench tomorrow, I'd be much rather applaud him warming up than on the pitch, especially if he started and played like he did last season.

Disconnects him from the result somewhat too.

I'm still disappointed he left, what a guy.

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Hard to think of a recent returning player who'll get a better reception than George? Great player for us and a brilliant bloke too. Hope he gets a moment with the fans after the game.

Anyone know if he's been any good for Brum? He looked well off the pace in his last couple of seasons with us. 

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43 minutes ago, Downsouth said:

Have mentioned it but will George get the goodbye and thank you ovation he deserves from the Boro?

Hope so...he deserves it. I'm sure the Boro faithful will do him proud.

Also, not goodbye...but just au revoir, as hopefully we'll be seeing him a few more times before he hangs up his boots.


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23 hours ago, DevKWat said:

I’d like to see Browne given a chance up top with Sporar when he’s back fit. He has pace, power and played well in that position a few times just before he was injured. Ikpeazu and Watmore both have something missing for me.

He had 2 goals and 1 assist in 138 mins last season playing as ST or SS. 

Agreed, real shame he got injured. He looked promising last season when he was given a chance - seems like a decent guy too

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Big chance this game. So many teams on 21 points and with both Coventry and Luton playing away we could potentially go up to 4th in the table. Fulham and WBA play each other so we can also make up at least 2 points on one of those. It's certainly nice to be in such a situation. Brum are a pretty poor side with only 12 goals to their name in 14 matches, so we should go out to get the first goal. Another win would be a massice boost and make for two exciting games next week away against Luton and WBA.

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Should be a win this really.  Got make hay while the sun shines and this set of fixtures has been the equivalent of the sun shining for us so got to keep this going.

1. Are you Warnock in, or would you prefer him gone?

Obviously Warnock out but then I didn't want him here in the first place.  He isn't the future, and I'm eager to watch a team that plays some football.  Not guaranteed of course cos who knows who the successor will be.

2.  Looking at the impact our new signings have had recently, just how good was our summer window?

No idea really.  A handful of good results, and a handful of bad results.  One left back at the club doesn't suggest a good window.  No fit right backs doesn't reflect that well either.  I suppose we need to see if we can do it against decent sides, and do it consistently.

3. Which of the current injured players would you put straight back in the team when fit? (Fry, Bola, Dijksteel, Hall, Browne) [Not bothering with Ameobi or Fisher as they aren’t real]

Fry, Bola, and Dijksteel.  All better than those currently in the team in their respective positions.  I think people are kidding themselves if they believe we've stumbled upon a magical formula that will see us continuing to win lots of games with the current line up.  The three teams we've just beaten are pretty bad - Cardiff had lost 7 in a row before we played them, scoring 1 and conceding 17.  Barnsley have won once all season, and are on their own losing streak right now.  Peterborough had lost all of their away games before playing us, scoring 3 and conceding 16.  Those aren't just a bit bad sequences, they are absolutely terrible.  We're going to need these lads back in the side as they make us better, and obviously allow Warnock greater flexibility with how he sets us up, which is also going to be important as we play better teams.

4. What’s the best thing to come from Birmingham?

I suppose the obvious one would be the The Football League, which was the brainchild of an Aston Villa Director I think, who was fed of Villa matches being cancelled, so brought some people together and they formed a league, which is what we are posting about right now.  Also Cadbury's if that counts.

5. Is Šporar the best striker we've had since Bamford?

Probably not the highest level of competition here.  Gestede, Assombalonga, Fletcher, Braithwaite, Hugill, Walker, Nmecha, Akpom, Watmore, Ikpeazu, Coburn.  Dunno if I'm missing anyone?  It's early days though yet so it's hard to really tell.  I think Assombalonga, Fletcher and Braithwaite all had their moments.  Watmore has done ok since he's been here.  Ikpeazu is what he is.  I would say that something about Sporar reminds me of Marco Branca.  Not sure if it's just running style, movement, or more than that, but I see a bit of Branca in him.  If he ends up as good as him then he'll have been a cracking signing.

6. Starting 11 and formation?

I imagine it will be similar to what we've seen over the last few games.  Just a question of who is up front with Sporar, and maybe who plays on the left hand side.  


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Just read the Gazette article about Don Goodman warning to not count us out of the promotion race. Not surprised to see him say that as every time he's commentated on one of our games he seems to have no idea about what kind of team we actually are and just relies on tired clichés. 

Not wanting to *** on the parade of the last few games too much but I just noticed that we've played 10 of the league's current bottom 12, after Saturday we'll have played 11 and just have Preston from the bottom-half left to play. From our 4 games against teams in the current top-half, we've taken 2 points from 12. 

Is... is the league lying?

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2 hours ago, Rioch's Braves said:

Troy Deeney playing tomorrow, seems to like scoring against us. 

Does he? How many has he scored? We can’t have been playing in the same league much. 

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Boro vs Birmingham 0-2

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    • John Ruddy been officially let go by Wolves it seems, I wouldn't be totally against him signing. Was always a Good Championship level keeper for both Wolves and Norwich. I read something regarding George Friend a few pages back the other day and I would be totally all for it, would add some great leadership and the fans would surely be right behind him still and as a left sided centre back I think he could do a real job for us even if just as a back up option. Also heard the Rhodes rumors and I personally believe he is a perfect Wilder Striker, such a hard worker and a great finisher. Which leads me to my final former Boro player, Ben Gibson. I again would love to see him return and think he could flourish in the left sided centre back role for Wilder's system. I do think the best options for those outside centre back roles are more suited to a full back converted/secondary centre back but at Sheff United Wilder didn't always have that option and was still greatly successful. If Fry was to leave Gibson would be great in the middle of the 3 of course.  
    • Very strange move, but apparently it's a three-year contract and for good money. He'll finish is career mid-table in the Championship.
    • Nothing mate. Just a hunch feeling. 
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