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6 minutes ago, Redcar Rioja said:

We were having a conversation on his odds moving yet again (which is factual regardless of how unpalatable it may be). Teacider has already suggested it's just the Bookies being lazy, heaven forbid if he does actually go if this is how you react to idle chat on here.

He will go at some point. But he’s made it clear he won’t be going to Burnley any time soon. Let’s just look forward to next season and see what he can do for us.

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On 4/23/2022 at 9:07 AM, Duvel said:

I think its funny to hear people criticising posters for being pessimistic on here. I know its great to be an optimist but you can also be optimistic to the point of being delusional. 

When you think Agnew was a great appointment and the same for Woodgate then I don't think a healthy dose of scepticism is necessarily a bad thing.

We all want the club to succeed but to believe everything is rosy all the time isn't living in the real world, especially when the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. 

I loved how Agnews best managerial accomplishment was getting a standing ovation at home for loosing 3 - 1 to man utd lol. 

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4 hours ago, AllBoro10 said:

He will go at some point. But he’s made it clear he won’t be going to Burnley any time soon. 

At least not until they approach him.

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1 hour ago, nunthorpered said:

Wouldn't be overly fussed if he did end up going tbh. He's hardly Guardiola is he 😂

What about if it meant we had Woodgate, Pulis or Warnock back? 😝

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7 hours ago, Redcar Rioja said:

Could it be a Gentleman's agreement amongst all parties until the end of the season?

I know what's been said but if that was the case that is what you would have to say in any case to keep things under wraps.

That's what I think has happened. Once this season is done - maybe after Wednesday or Saturday I would not be surprised if Wilder left. 

The one advantage we have now is a director of football. I would expect the next manager to already have been identified to cater for exactly this scenario.

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