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Middlesbrough v Nottingham Forest 2-0 (Yates (og), Sporar)

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Merry Christmas everybody and welcome to the Boxing Day clash between The Mighty Boro (9th) and Nottingham Forest (7th)! Kick off at 15.00 (UK time) After this season's most impressive display, B

I thought Crooks blew a bit hot and cold today, he had me in raptures of delight one minute and screaming at him the next. Same with Tav, looked more a team player and done the necessary but also look

Fantastic performance and the perfect Christmas present from the Boro. Could and should have won by a bigger margin with the chances we created, but an amazing performance from Boro...only let do

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We're going up under Wilder this season I reckon. Honestly can't remember the last time a manager came in and utterly transformed the team.

Still have issues putting chances away but we absolutely dominated Forest today, just like we dominated Bournemouth and Huddersfield.

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Great crowd and it looks like belief is back in town. 
Solid team performance but just wish we could take more of the chances we create, but boy didn’t we close down well. 
Only one team turned up in the first half and that is by far the best I have seen us a play since, I can’t remember when. 

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Was great performance we actually dominate the ball now and press teams into submission. We just need to improve on our ability to convert chances then we can get top 2 never mind playoffs. However Forest badly did miss their full backs Lowe and our Spence without them they lost the game on pace. Awersome to see the Riverside with such a big crowd again. Keep it up wilder 

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1 minute ago, expat-acklam said:

Boro were well balanced and aggressive today, disrupting Forest’s style of play and making them look pretty poor all over the field. Yes the first goal was a comedy, but it was our play which made Yates back pass to Samba.

Made a welcome chance from us doing it. If things balance out over the season we are due another two or three. 

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29 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

He usually does. Not much has changed there between the two managers, Tav has always worked hard. Is he playing at his potential every week? Not close, yet, for me. But he's still 22, playing in this side every week, he'll get better and at the very least, he's certainly not holding them back.

I guess one big thing you can say so far under Wilder is he's playing less for himself and more for the team in those attacking areas which is better for us.

I agree with him being less selfish. in the final third he seems to be maturing but that could also be because their are now options there for him. 

10 minutes ago, Oslo_Syd said:

Second to Blackburn in the form stats. Unbelievable.

Yes and they have a Mogga’s January slump to deal with.

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What a brilliant performance, as many of you have said it's been a pleasure watching the football being played under Wilder. I really liked that we looked composed on the ball in our passing today. I was very concerned by Dijksteel with the ball at his feet but all three CB's were excellent. Howson / McNair MOM for me, excellent. 

Really excited to see who Wilder identifies as players who could improve our starting XI. 

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    • The original  argument was that clowes was just buying the land for redevelopment and club would go to wall. I could see that happening with some purchasers, but not Clowes from his past support for Derby. I’m pretty certain he wouldn’t buy it to relocate the club and then build houses on Pride Park. Even in third division Derby will get gates over 20k probably. To build a new stadium to latest safety standards and allow for them hopefully getting back into Chsmpionship would cost a fortune. The reason Derby won the Tribunal appeal on the sale of the stadium to Morris was that the rebuilding costs of Pride Park would be about £80m. Even cheap land needs infrastructure and roads etc. which would add to that cost.
    • Goes hand in hand with what @nunthorperedsaid 
    • Might be one we revisit later in the window if he hasn't signed a new deal.
    • I get this but at the end of the day, away fans are much more likely to be coming a long distance, particularly to get to the North East and even more-so if they're coming from the South or from Wales for example. Chances are most people sat at the Riverside will have spent significantly less on petrol or other transport links to get to the Riverside so the cost of the whole day is much more for those travelling from afar even with £14 off their ticket.
    • I guess they might have been more interested in selling if they weren’t being offered £15m to £20m for Lewis-Potter. Greaves only has a year left on contract though, so that could concentrate the mind. If it was a couple of weeks ago we’ve probably moved on though.

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