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Happy New Year and Welcome 2022

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Being such a popular Boro supporters forum around the world we have members who are on a different time line and therefore the new year comes many hours before or after good old GMT.

So everyone now has the chance to pass on their good wishes as and when it is 2022 wherever they are.

I hope that this will be a popular thread and as many of our members take the time to pass on their warmest wishes to their forum friends wherever they may be.

So come on you who live in Australia, New Zealand or that tiny island that is the first to get to 2022, don't forget the rest of us!

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53 minutes ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

Happy New Year to all, I want 2022 to bring us World Peace, an end to starvation throughout the world, and promotion for Boro to the Premier League.

If I can only have one of those it's obviously promotion duh, what would all the arms dealers do?

You obviously live in another time than the rest of us or do not know what GMT means, but if it is already 2022 in your part of Teesside than HNY to you DZ🙃 ( In case you are in Australia where it is still not 2022!)

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2 minutes ago, Downsouth said:

You obviously live in another time than the rest of us or do not know what GMT means, but if it is already 2022 in your part of Teesside than HNY to you DZ🙃 ( In case you are in Australia where it is still not 2022!)

I'll be in bed knocking out the zzzzz's when it's midnight in the UK tonight Alan, working NYD!

(I appreciate I am a bit early posting this, though 😛)

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Even though I’m a few hours behind you on this occasion, a very happy new year to all my oneBoro friends. And please retain your decorum when 2022 brings Boro up as Champions 🏆 UTB 

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    • imo, anyone who criticises Marcus T either doesn't see us playing very often or doesn't have a particularly good understanding of the game. Not meaning to sound harsh, but his contribution to the team is very clear to see. He's not perfect by any means, but then not many players are, especially at this level. If you're just simply looking for players to criticise then there are usually about 8 or 9 players you should start with before Mr T each game  
    • I honestly believe a full season under Wilder in the LCM role would show everyone just how good he is. I think if you took him out of our midfield you'd see how bad and unbalanced it is. McGree and Crooks won't work because neither of them cover enough ground or do the defensive side of the game.  Howson I love but let's be honest he's not a traditional out and out CDM. He losses the ball too often in bad positions and his positioning for CDM can be quite poor. He brings commitment, energy and workrate though.  For me in midfield we need a LWB, CDM and an RCM. I would drop Crooks to the bench or move him on. I know that he's scored ten goals this season but I believe we can sign players that more suit Wilders system with energy, pressing and intensity. I would keep him for the bench but personally would look to replace him in the starting team. Tavernier was in the Top 10 for both Key Passes and Tackles Won. He was ranked 3rd for passes in the final third. He's expected goals and assists combined for this season was 15. I could see him getting 15-20 goal contributions in a full season under Wilder. He had 10 this season and has shown real signs of improvement. He does a lot more than what people realise for the team.  Tavernier was given corners because he was the only real left-footed option in the team. I do agree though that most of his deliveries were relatively poor considering he's our designated corner kick tacker they didn't look practiced.
    • Wouldn't call it interesting personally (i.e. not sure what there is to draw from it), think it just reinforces the club are happy they moved on from him. I can't remember the last time they did a season long goals montage so I could be wrong but it feels like this alone is a little out of the ordinary and perhaps only put together because Wilder is at the helm. I think the club is just continuing to want to push Wilder and positivity around him, that's how they approached the Season Card campaign too. It's not necessarily wanting to reflect on the season just gone as a whole but more to give an idea of what's to come.
    • I don't think corner taking ability is really something that pushes someone over that £10m threshold. He can be both one of our better corner takers, and still not be a particularly good corner taker, but that really feels like grasping at straws for something to still criticise him with. 
    • For what it’s worth with Tav, I genuinely think he would flourish as a left wing back, and simplified his game.  Tav travels well with the ball, is energetic and I can’t fault his work ethic at all. He always puts a shift in. But I just think he could use it so much better than he is currently doing from watching him this season. I still think he has some work to do in the final third, which ironically was where we struggled most to break teams down. I just don’t think he’s there yet and I don’t think he does a job which an additional player in midfielder couldn’t do (he’s replaceable).   For a player who takes corners, you’d expect better delivery on a more consistent basis for him to be worth 10m + which some are quoting on various platforms.    I realise that Tav is very polarised on the opinion poll. Like I say, I don’t hate him and think he’s ‘bad’, he’s just not consistent enough yet to be deemed as integral to how we play in midfield in my view  

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