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Anyone playing this currently? 

I played the open Beta and wasn't impressed. But a couple of friends said it has improved a fair bit since launch, so I caved and got it whilst on sale. 

From what I've played on it so far, it's pretty good, has a few small bugs to be ironed out. Not quite as good as Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3, but definitely an improvement on some of the more recent releases.

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On 1/5/2022 at 6:15 PM, chickenlunch said:

I heard it was pretty rubbish? 



I have experienced one or two of those bizzare bugs. But overall I haven't encountered many issues with crashes, the no damage bugs to be fair. It definitely needs more work to it, but from what I've been told it has improved a fair bit since launch.

I do agree that it isn't a "classic" Battlefield in terms of the classes/loadouts, which is a shame. But on sale and gamesharing means it only set me back £20 😂. I certainly wouldn't have paid the £50-60 original price!

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3 hours ago, Youngy228 said:

Is it worth getting?


I'm enjoying it myself. I try to play with a couple of friends each time (for squad purposes), so maybe it's the social aspect that makes it more enjoyable. That said I feel it does have the potential to be a good Battlefield and I have a hunch it's only going to improve each update.

I'd maybe see if you can get it on sale/gameshare as in it's current state I wouldn't say it's worth £60. I'd also add I'm playing on my trusty PS4 still.

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