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Blackburn v Middlesbrough 1-0

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2 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

Dismal.  We played better under Warnock.

Difference being we pretty much always played like donkeys under Colin.

This time its just that our skill, such as it is, is being negated by a similarly good opposition.


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Negativity on here is terrible. Playing 2nd place in the division away from home. A tough stop start game. Missed a couple of really good chances which on another day could have won us the game. They

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Disappointing result and performance, but nights like last night are standard in the Championship - even for promotion candidates. Even during our promotion under Karanka we had many of these types of

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Tav and/or Howson off at half time, payero and/or Watmore on. Probably Tav I’d pick for Watmore, Tav only more than Howson due to him having a yellow, get some attacking intent going. 

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Jonny Howson the slowest midfielder in world football. Takes that long to do anything he actually goes back in time.

6m Argentine U21 international on the bench so this clown can sit in the hole doing naff all.

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Awful first half. 

Will say I think it was a pen. As he pulls his leg back to kick he connects with the defender and that's what sends him over. There was one angle where it was clear as day imo!

Can't complain really though, would have been undeserved. 

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1 minute ago, JonnyMFC said:

Poor first half from both sides, let hope CW sticks a rocket up their ***!


He needs to somehow give them a rocket whilst also calming them down. We can't afford any red cards. 

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Grim that. Payero has to come on for one of the midfield 3, could really be any of them. 

Connolly been poor but both strikers been feeding off absolute scraps so hard to be too critical.

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I'm actually raging at that midfield trio. How can not 1 of them seriously be dropping in, picking it up, creating an angle? They're all just staring at the CBs waiting for them to bang it long. Tav/Howson need sending home at half time. Dire.

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  • Downsouth changed the title to Blackburn v Middlesbrough 1-0

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