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Spot on that man, The band is the sole reason i started supporting Boro. When i was about 7 or 8 when everyone in school was a Liverpool, Man Utd or Leeds fan, I got a Cork Gaelic  Jersey, Got my mam

I am shocked that you hold such an opinion!

Boro kits will be revealed on Tuesday 

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2 hours ago, bmt said:

Two concepts taken from Instagram. 



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Those concept kits are gorgeous especially the away one. I doubt we will get anything as well put together as that but I’d take both happily! 

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I think the home kit should always be in red and white palette with white horizontal bar and/or white shoulders. Black and blue flashes.

Away kit should always be in a blue and black palette with vertical decorations and white and red flashes where relevant.

Third kit is really a money-making exercise and can be used for cup matches, special occasions and any unforeseen circumstances that mean the other two kits can't be used. Third kit can be absolutely anything.

The kits are as much about branding as anything else. No other brand would completely change its colour scheme and iconography every 12 months. We are fortunate to have a close to unique and instantly identifiable symbol of a white chest band on red. Really, that should be everywhere across the club. 

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