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Transport to home games.

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To start off im sorry if this kind of thing is frowned upon on here.

Right, here we go!

I have just been diagnosed with something called cough syncope, for those of you that dont know what that is, its where you lose conciousness for a cpl of seconds when coughing. This has resulted in my doctor stating that I cannot drive for 12 months under DVLA guidance, or until we can find the cause of the syncope and it can be treated.

What im looking for is transport to home games from Chester le Street area for myself and my daughter. Im obviosly willing to pay for it but im not really willing to pay the £40 return its going to cost me on the train every time if i can avoid it.

Can anyone help,. please?


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4 hours ago, Changing Times said:

Post this in the main forum mate.  It's Boro related and more people will see it there.

Cheers will do.


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