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TeaCider's Summer Transfer Thread 2022 - Land of Hoppe & Glory?

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22 minutes ago, Humpty said:
43 minutes ago, Weasel said:

That's always been my biggest concern and annoyance with Wilder, it doesn't seem like we have a plan B other than bringing on more strikers or changing them. When we come up against a team who have the better of us tactically it doesn't ever feel like we have the tactical nuance to change things around.

I know you've highlighted it before as well, definitely something that concerns me next season. I hope we're not just stuck with the 3-5-2 / 3-4-1-2 with no backup plan.

This is a major concern of mine going into next season. 

Well, based on this article from the Mirror in December 2020, it's not likely to change anytime soon.  It's actually interesting how similar certain things are, to my mind anyway.  Winning narrowly turning to inconsistency of results with an overriding theme of not being able to do enough with the ball or score enough goals.  It's like their two Premier League seasons mirroring this season for us, relative level of competition aside.


How can he stop Sheffield United's season from degenerating into embarrassment?

How can a squad who pushed for Europe last season shrivel so much in confidence and form, and basic levels of fight, to produce an early season flop never seen before in Premier League history?

Is it tactics?

“This is not a system situation. I am bored with that one,” said Wilder.

Is it a lack of hunger, a comfort zone after a good first year in the top flight?

“The majority got new contracts. We wanted them to kick on,” said Wilder, before adding: “The experienced players, the bulk, are not playing no where near consistently the standard they have produced in the past."

He added: “No one can give a footballer a magic pill.

“They have to find it within themselves and stick their chest out, accept the responsibility and accept it this Premier League level. Yes it is quicker, up against world class, but these players have shown it.”

The margins are so fine. United have lost ten games by single goal, proper thrashings are rare, and battled well against Everton, lacking quality in possession.

Last season ten of their victories came by a single goal winning margin. It doesn't take much of a dip to turn those games.

They've gone from a team playing full pelt, injury free, hungry for life changing new contracts, riding a wave of promotions and Premier League novelty.

To one in Wilder's own worlds shows “inconsistency”, deserved “fair criticism,” and that once looked innovative but now appears scrappy and ordinary.

“We make it competitive against good players but when it was our turn to play and go and hurt the opposition we never built up that momentum,” Wilder said.

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One of the things which leaves me with a big what if for this season, is why on earth we persisted with 532, even when players were injured or suspended. 

You need to have some form of adaptability like others have said, else we become slow and predictable. Low and behold, we did look just that at times. 

I also agree that throwing strikers up front isn’t the answer at times, because we weren’t even creating clear cut chances in a run of games, that was tactically, not personnel in my opinion. 

I mean, Wilder even alluded in an interview that he was happy with the amount of crosses we were putting into the box, but we don’t even have any strikers who are good in the air 😂

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Do we need a plan B though? I can't think of any successful teams in world football that have a plan B that completely changes the way they play during a match. Teams put on more attacking players when they're losing or like for like replacements to keep energy levels high when they're not.

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Just now, Foogle said:

Do we need a plan B though? I can't think of any successful teams in world football that have a plan B that completely changes the way they play during a match. Teams put on more attacking players when they're losing or like for like replacements to keep energy levels high when they're not.

Liverpool do, they'll switch to 4-2-4 sometimes for example.  I'd say that the better you are the less flexible you probably need to be however.  If you've got the best players in the world then you're going to win more often than not either way.  To me it's when you're striving to find extra from players that being adaptable becomes useful.  Alternatively you can just keep trying to do the same things, failing, and then blame the same players who played well in the exact same system a handful of games ago, questioning their attitude and professionalism.  I know what I think is more likely to work, and it's another reason why I have a fairly low opinion on most managers and coaches quite honestly.

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7 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:


Surprised Peltier hasn't been offered a contract.

Relieved Lea Siliki hasn't been made permanent inadvertently.

Just seen the list myself. Does this mean we have a squad of exactly 1 player at the moment? 😁

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Just now, BoroJake said:

Goalkeeping coach gone as well 

He must've seriously been phoning it in if that was the best he could get out of our keepers


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Is Nakhi Wells out of contract this summer? If so wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a boro shirt next season. Wasn’t there talk of us after him in Jan

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    • With a 10-15m odd budget and ambitions of promotion we should have a player that does both Refuse to kid myself that Akpom's the answer this season
    • Haha we all saw that article coming didn’t we?!? I’ve nothing against Akpom and I hope he does have a decent season but it’s articles like this that just confirm we’ve missed out on key targets.
    • It's not all about goalscorers though, Saturday showed we need at least one player up there who can keep it and link up play 
    • This seems like the transfer window of January 2017 for me. We know what and who we want but we either can’t or wont pay the money or the selling club wont sell and it ends up affecting our outcomes negatively. That window relegated us, clearly this wont. If we were to end up with Akpomb, Forss, Watmore, Hoppe and Muniz, I can see Muniz and maybe Forss scoring but don’t see it as a top 6 strike force. Additionally, I feel our midfield is powderpuff defensively as it stands and as everyone knows, I was worried about Steffen and his ability on crosses, well the jury is out on him for me. That said, it is ridiculously early to judge, people deserve chances. Steffen and Lenihan need to bed in and the midfield will surely be bolstered and we may yet see a wildcard goal scorer come in or one of the current crop defy expectations. 10 games in and the window shut is a fair time to assess how everyone is knitting together. I have complete faith in the manager, less faith that he will be provided with the ammunition he needs and wants.
    • The difference with Pulis was he was trying to make out that was his plan from the outset to wait until the end. although I suspect/hope he was saying it to manage expectations of he want then it’sa very dangerous game to play

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